The tune is around Lupe the Nerd trying to conquer his fear and talk to the chearleader-girl he likes.Samples the N.E.R.D. Tune “Maybe”

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Hold it now!You just walk approximately her and also say hiThat's every you gotta doSay hiThat's every you gotta doSay hiWell I recognize I'm no the coolestAnd this could sound type of foolishCause I recognize I'm not the smoothest, said myself i shouldn't carry out thisCause I'm not very well-suited, no the popular-est of studentsWe ain't in the exact same crowd, always see you v the hoopersBut we got the exact same lunch, you could see me v the coolerThat's cause I don't eat pork, you have the right to never be certain ofOh, you favor Linkin Park? That's the hat from the tourI got an autographed shirt, lock wrote, "much love 2 ya"Man that's really funny exactly how we favor the very same musicBut ns really love jazz, ns was gonna pat the tubaI tried to sign up with the band, they claimed I was really, yes, really badDidn't really make me sad, I'm offered to gift the loserBut you, i think you're super, therefore much, I had actually to go after yaI don't believe the things they to speak or the soccer team's rumorsThe quarterback can't spell, I'm his after-school tutorI just took a cue native Cupid, but, now I think it's stupidI'm-I'm sorryAnd then i walked awayThinkin' the she would never talk come meLike what were you thinking bringing up the bandWould have got a better resultIf would have actually just beat her up and also ranYou shouldn't have worn your glassesTake your shirt up out your pantsSee now it's every over and you won't get an additional chanceDamn, i was for this reason close come her, then i felt a hand on mine shoulder
She said, "I know you're no the coolestBut i swear you are the cutestAnd I know you play the tuba, I viewed you at the recitalIt takes a many to get up there and also embarrass yourselfBut you shouldn't put down, you must merit yourselfThat just mean you not a punk, I like Thelonious MonkHe's the wallpaper on mine computerI love last Fantasy, ns hate an initial person shooters (me too)"Meteora" was nice yet I bought "Hybrid Theory" twiceHalf the the cheerleading formation is in a stuporThe only reason I perform it is 'cause my mom took stateWhen she to be a juniorAnd she want me to carry out the same, so I'm like, nawwI wanna it is in an oncologist and also diagnose tumorsI acquired a a pet parrot, his surname is 'Mr. Tuna'My favourite food is fish, remember that for the futureMy IM surname is missluna, you have the right to hit me after six"How friend feelin' right now?Yes yes yes correct yes yesCome, Seymour, we have things to do!(How girlfriend feeling ideal now?)And similar to everything in lifeThings grow, human being growAnd world grow apartIt's choose some things were just never supposed to beYou see?But, then againMaybeSome points are

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You recognize today gonna it is in the coolestAnd you know how far your college isKnow just how dangerous the flu is, so switch up her coatAnd end up off your breakfast, you recognize how vital fuel isFood is to human being as buoyancy's to boatI knew this, daily we gotta go with thisAnd ns ask why girlfriend quote, cuz I'm her father LucasPop, last night ns was lookin over the futuresCommodities is felon, rental nature is sellinThe bio tech industry share is at its hugestI think we should ride this wave, us can't re-invent the Rubik'sWoah, we have to of play her more musicLucas, dear, why is your bookbag full of tulipsUmm, well Ma, you watch there's this girl, friend knowAnd i was thinking that I may walk to her, you knowTry and talk to herDiscuss various things the were teach to herAnd view what provides her tickYou know? You know Mama?