Paddle Your very own Canoe Meaning

Definition: do your own decisions and also do things for yourself; be independent.

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Origin the Paddle Your very own Canoe

The analogy in this phrase is to command one’s very own ship. In various other words, it is a post of self-reliance and independence. This idea is quite old and also predates the English translation.

In the play Cyclops (440 B.C.), Euripides expressed a similar idea.

The English variation finds its origins in 19th-century America. It an initial started showing up in publish in the beforehand 1800s. Very early printed source occurs in Frederick’s Marryat’s 1840 Settlers in Canada. Harper’s Monthly, an influential American magazine, supplied the expression in a may 1854 article.

Voyager top top life’s sea, to yourself be true, and also whate’er your lot may be, paddle your own canoe.

As one have the right to logically conclude, the expression of self-reliance comes from the literal meaning meaning. If an additional person is paddling her canoe, that human is managing where the canoe is going. To have actually independence and also self-determination, one have to do points on your own.

Examples that Paddle Your own Canoe

This instance shows two college students discussing their parents’ expectations.

Frank: i love examining history, but my parents save pressuring me to change my significant to pre-med.

Karl: yet you pass out at the vision of blood. The wouldn’t make any kind of sense. You’d have to dissect cadavers and stuff. You’d litter up and also then operation away.

Frank: i know. I don’t understand what come do.

Karl: i think you must tell her parents the it’s time for you come paddle your own canoe. You have to be master of your very own destiny! You space going to decide for yourself what is best for her future.

Frank: Nah. They’ll simply yell at me.

In this example, 2 friends are selecting what come eat for dinner.

Lily: What carry out you desire for dinner?

Grace: i don’t know. What about you?

Lily: I always decide. It’s your turn. I have literally favored the critical dozen times or more.

Grace: I hate choosing. Ns don’t choose making decisions.

Lily: that’s ridiculous. You need to paddle your own canoe. We’ll start small. You select what come eat for dinner, or we aren’t eat anything in ~ all.

Grace: That seems silly.

Lily: We’ll job-related up to bigger things. Quickly you’ll it is in making substantial decisions like which residence to buy.

Grace: I dislike this paddle-your-own-canoe idea.

More Examples

The excerpt below is about a customer who bought part products because of a particular promotion. However, the keep failed to apply that promotion.

This quote is indigenous a chef, who applies the expression to exactly how he resides his life.

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The expression paddle your own canoe emphasizes the importance of self-determination and self-reliance.


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