Ralph wept for the end of innocence, the darkness of man’s heart, and the loss through the air of a true, wise friend dubbed Piggy.

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Summary: chapter 12

Ralph hides in the jungle and also thinks miserably about the chaos that has actually overrun the island. He thinks about the deaths that Simon and Piggy and also realizes the all vestiges of people have been stripped from the island. The stumbles throughout the sow’s head, the lord of the Flies, now simply a gleaming white skull—as white together the conch shell, that notes. Angry and also disgusted, Ralph knocks the skull come the ground and also takes the stake it to be impaled ~ above to use as a weapon versus Jack.

That night, Ralph sneaks down to the camp at the castle Rock and finds Sam and Eric guarding the entrance. The twins offer him food yet refuse to join him. They phone call him that Jack plans to send the entire tribe after the the next day. Ralph hides in a thicket and also falls asleep. In the morning, the hears Jack talking and torturing one of the pair to uncover out whereby Ralph is hiding. Numerous boys shot to break into the thicket by rojo a boulder, however the thicket is also dense. A team of boys tries come fight their way into the thicket, but Ralph fends them off. Climate Ralph smells smoke and realizes the Jack has set the jungle on fire in order to smoke that out.

Ralph abandons his hiding place and also fights his way past Jack and a team of his hunters. Chased through a team of body-painted warrior-boys wielding sharp wood spears, Ralph plunges frantically through the undergrowth, looking for a location to hide. At last, he end up on the beach, where he collapses in exhaustion, his pursuers close behind.

Suddenly, Ralph looks approximately see a marine officer standing over him. The officer speak the young that his ship has come to the island after see the blazing fire in the jungle. Jack’s hunters reach the beach and also stop in their tracks upon seeing the officer. The officer matter-of-factly suspect the boys space up to, together he puts it, “fun and games.” when he learn what has happened ~ above the island, the officer is reproachful: how might this group of boys, the asks—and English boys at that—have lost all reverence because that the rule of people in so short a time?

For his part, Ralph is overwhelmed by the understanding that he has been rescued, the he will escape the island after comes so close to a violent death. He starts to sob, as do the other boys. Moved and embarrassed, the naval officer transforms his earlier so that the boys might regain your composure.

Analysis: thing 12

After Ralph’s tense, amazing stand versus the hunters, the finishing of Lord that the Flies is rife v irony. Ralph had thought the signal fire—a prize of civilization—was the only method to lure rescuers to the island. Ironically, although it is indeed a fire the lures a delivery to the island, the is not an ordered, regulated signal fire however rather the haphazard woodland fire Jack’s hunters collection solely because that the function of death Ralph. As we have actually seen, Ralph has worked tirelessly to maintain the framework of civilization and maximize the boys’ chances of being rescued.

Now, once all he can do is battle to remain alive as lengthy as possible, a deus ex machina (an improbable or unexpected maker or character the suddenly appears to deal with a situation) appears, in ~ the last feasible moment, in the kind of the naval officer that brings the boys earlier to the world of law, order, and society. Golding’s use of irony in the last chapter blurs the boundary in between civilization and also savagery and also implies that the two are an ext closely linked than the story has actually illustrated. Ultimately, the boys’ appalling savagery brings about the rescue that their coordinated and purposeful initiatives were unable to achieve.

Much of the irony in ~ the end of the novel stems from Golding’s portrayal of the marine officer. Return the marine officer conserves Ralph, the finishing of Lord the the Flies still is not an especially happy, and also the moment in i m sorry the officer encounters the guys is not among untainted joy. The officer says that he is can not to understand how upstanding brother lads could have acted through such negative form. Ironically, though, this “civilized” officer is himself component of an adult world in which violence and war walk hand in hand with civilization and social order.

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He reacts to the savage kids with disgust, however this horrible is tinged with hypocrisy. Similarly, the kids are so shocked through the officer’s presence, and also are now psychologically so far removed from his world, the they do not soon celebrate his arrival. Rather, castle stand prior to him baffled and bewildered. Also Ralph, whose life has literally been conserved by the existence of the ship, weeps tears the grief rather than joy. Because that Ralph, as for the other boys, nothing can ever be together it was before coming come the island that the lord of the Flies.