20 TV theme Songs friend Still Can't acquire Out Of your Head have you ever been haunted through a track that"s just 30 seconds long only to establish you"ve obtained a TV display theme grounding in your head? You"re not alone.


If there was ever a theme track that caught the heart of its opened montage, it"s the layout to The mar Tyler Moore Show. Entertainment Weekly dubbed the scene at the end where mary tosses she hat right into the air the 2nd greatest minute in the background of tv for a reason: it collection up the entirety tone of the show. "Wasn’t it great?” mar Tyler Moore said. ”Freedom, exuberance, spontaneity, pleasure — all in the one gesture. It provided a hint in ~ what you were going to see.”

The tune that went through it to be written and also performed by Sonny Curtis. He got a contact at house at 11:00 a.m. Sooner or later asking if he to be interested in creating a track for a new sitcom starring mar Tyler Moore. Someone dropped turn off a description of the show an hour later, simply a basic outline the the premise. Through 2:00, Curtis had actually a city ready and also asked his friend who he was claimed to sing it to. The was sent over to watch James L. Brooks, the show’s co-creator.

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Brooks wasn’t thrilled to see him. He to be busy, and wasn’t prepared to begin thinking around a theme song, but since Curtis was currently there, the listened. And then he picked up the phone—the one in the room, there to be no cell phones that course—and started making calls to get world to come hear it. By the moment he to be done, the room was full of appreciative listeners that agreed with Brooks the they"d uncovered their theme.

Brooks to be heading to Minneapolis the weekend come shoot the show"s opening sequence, and wanted the tune with him, for this reason he sent for a ice recorder and also Curtis, quiet game, sing it because that the tenth time that day. When it came time to carry out the main version, Curtis told lock they couldn’t have the song if he didn’t obtain to song it, and they want it badly, for this reason they hired him. He adjusted the text in season two to reflect Mary’s newfound independence, and also the tune kicked turn off every illustration of the show for seven seasons, and forever onward in syndication.

6 Malcolm in the center "Boss that Me" (2000)

Malcolm in the Middle"s creator, Linwood Boomer, was looking for a theme tune for his brand-new show, he choose up the phone and also called They can Be Giants. The band, the brainchild of man Flansburgh and also John Linnell , had been make music because that years, yet was starting to make their note in the soundtrack people too. Boomer gave Flansburgh a call, and also got his wife, who instantly well-known the name: Boomer had played Adam kendall (Mary Ingalls" husband), top top Little house on the Prairie, and how numerous Linwood Boomers might there be? just the one, it turned out.

Boomer had a very clear idea the what he was in search of in a template song, other high energy that would capture the feeling of a house complete of out-of-control brothers. TMBG constantly had a ridge of half-finished song around, so they grabbed one the felt right and tailored the remainder to fit the show. The last product became the first TV theme ever before to victory a Grammy for best Song created for a Movie or TV Show. It was the first Grammy for the band, too.

“Schlemiel, Schlimazel, Hasenpfeffer incorporated!”

While the memorable theme song "Making Our desires Come True" was composed by TV theme display vets Norman Gimbel and also Charles Fox, the opening rhyme that Laverne and Shirley recited together they skipped under the street arm-in-arm was in reality a Yiddish-American hopscotch chant star coin Marshall mental from she childhood. "Penny, teach Cindy, "Sclemeel, schlimazel,” her brother Garry—producer and also creator of the show—told her, and thus it was likewise learned by numerous others.

The song itself followed. Fox and also Gimbel didn"t know much around the show when they put it together, only that the two main personalities were blue collar females who functioned in a brewery in Milwaukee, and had large dreams. Your initial stab at it to be a song referred to as "Hoping Our desires Will Come True," but the producers felt the it didn"t capture the strength and also determination that the title characters. Castle went ago to the drawing board v that in mind and came ago with v "Making Our desires Come True,” which far better reflected the tone of the show.

The track was placed out as a solitary in 1976, the only hit because that singer Cyndi Grecco, and it remains catchy together ever. Last year, part behind-the-scenes footage caught American Idol judges Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban, and also Harry Connick Jr. Spontaneously to sing it together, v Lopez obtaining the words appropriate effortlessly and also Urban confessing after that that he watched too much TV as a kid. (Is there together a thing?)

4 Pokémon "Pokémon Theme" (1998)

When Jason Paige an initial sang the demo because that the Pokémon template song, every he knew around the present was the it had actually caused a bout of epileptic seizures in Japan. He absolutely didn"t intend the song to become so well-known that it would be used, remembered, and also sung almost two decades later. It"s tagline, "Gotta record "em all," is one that offers instant flashbacks to your childhood for virtually anyone who thrived up in that era.

Seven months after the present premiered in the joined States, there were at the very least 40 licensing deals in ar for associated products, pulling in end 200 million dollars in revenue. To run on the benefit bandwagon, an album was recorded, featuring a full-length version of the song, created by john Siegler and also John Loeffler, both professional jingle writers. That went platinum within four months. If Siegler and also Loeffler make colossal quantities of money, Paige, who"d carry out on multiple tracks, obtained a flat fee because that his vocals and also spent year suing to shot to acquire a piece of the Pokémon pie. He at some point had part success, yet it to be nothing compared to what the song he was to sing raked in because that the company that own it.

With the come of Pokémon Go, the tune jumped in popularity again. The game was launched on July 6th, and by the 14th, it had sold 7000 downloads, increase 1079% native the vault week. "Gotta record "em all" is as appropriate today as it ever was.

How many civilization does it require to make a layout song? there were 6 in the cast of the hit show Friends, and it took seven to create the theme song for it. Within 3 days, lock wrote and also recorded it, a combination effort of the show’s executive, management producers, and Phil Solem and Danny Wilde of the Rembrandts. V an opened riff heavily influenced through The Beatles’ “I feeling Fine,” the track they created lasted a minute, the perfect size to introduce a TV show.

But it didn’t end there. The song ended up being popular, so famous that part DJs in ~ a Nashville radio station determined to loop it together 3 times and also play it on the air … over and also over again. Lock started getting requests for it ~ that, and also when that captured on, the record label went back to the Rembrandts and also insisted that they flesh it out into a suitable three-minute pop song.

The following task was producing a full-length music video. They spent three days shoot it ~ above the Saturday Night Live stage, v the band and also all six actors members. The original concept required the actors to hit the Rembrandts with a fish to get rid of them, but the cast quickly nixed the fish plan. Castle didn"t require it. The video was as much of a hit as the song, play on networks choose VH1 in hefty rotation.

Blender magazine might have referred to as it the 15th worst song ever, on a perform of 50, however it topped multiple Billboard charts and also peaked in ~ the hot 100 at #17. It to be the biggest hit the band ever had by a long shot. Year later, Solem and Wilde would perform it in NYC at the main Perk pop-up shop, joined on phase by James Michael Tyler, that played Gunther top top Friends as, of course, a guy who operated at the coffee shop.

2 Cheers "Where everyone Knows your Name" (1982)

In 2011, a Rolling Stone readers Poll claimed “Where everybody Knows your Name” together the best TV theme song of every time. In 2013, TV guide made the same proclamation. But this exceptionally popular song had actually a an especially rocky start.

Gary Portnoy and also Judy Hart had written a song together for a musical dubbed “Preppies like Us,” and a girlfriend of theirs brought it to Cheers producer Glen and also Les Charles. They want to use it for the show, however it to be already talked for, so they asked the songwriters come come up with something else. Their an initial three attempts were rejected, but when the 4th one come in, the producers began to favor what they heard. The music to be right, however now the lyrics essential work.

Singing the blues as soon as the Red Sox shed It’s a crisis in her life On the run ‘cause all your girlfriends Want to it is in your wife And the to wash ticket’s in the wash

Too gloomy? the was the consensus. That was also too specific.

They took an additional crack in ~ it, and came up with this:

Making your way in the world todayTakes everything you’ve gotTaking a rest from all her worriesSure would help a lotWouldn’t you like to gain away?

They had actually it. Portnoy sang the song, with a minimal musical setup that featured the on piano and vocals along with a drum, guitar, and also bass. A clarinet was included later. The complete version of the track did retain few of the bleaker vocals, however, but Cheers  fans didn’t hear it until it to be played over a montage in the show’s 200th episode. The lyrics room a small bizarre, more than likely reflective of the idea that the display is around a bunch of world who hang out in a bar every the time. Go view a lyric video clip here to check out what us mean.

1960s Spider-Man TV display Theme Song
anyone is going to to surname songs the aren"t on this list, and also maybe also complain that they should"ve been consisted of ahead that the ones that made it. So here, in no particular order, space a couple of honorable mentions for TV layout songs we didn"t obtain to, the you can"t gain out of your head no issue how tough you try.

WKRP in Cincinnati: This one appears to evoke an emotional reaction in people who mental it. Among those song that described the display premise, it speak the story that radio regimen director Andy Travis, who"s starting fresh in Cincinnati after ~ a separation and, us think, a career that hasn"t rather measured approximately what that expected.

Dukes of Hazzard "Good Ol" Boys": When you gain Waylon Jennings to song your layout song, human being remember it.

Liv and Maddie "Better in Stereo": Ask any parent of an aspiring tween if they recognize this one. Better yet, simply start humming it until they start screaming.

The Monkees: Hey hey, we"re the Monkees! quiet spinning ~ above oldies radio stations.

Spiderman: The one indigenous the 1960s cartoon. One listen, and you"re doomed.

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