Way back in the day, before DVDs and also streaming services choose Netflix, Hulu and HBO reigned supreme, civilization used to watch and also record movie on VHS tapes.

These were also the glorious tapes that lugged the magical civilization of Disney movies to our tube televisions. Us all had actually a stash of this VHS tapes at residence while farming up, however when VCRs became obsolete, they no longer had a place in our lives.

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However, few of us found it difficult to litter away such vital pieces of our childhood, so us stored it what in our basements or attics and also forgot around them.

If girlfriend were amongst those people, climate it may be time to destruction them out and dust them off due to the fact that they might be precious a most money.

In fact, if girlfriend own among the original copies of The tiny Mermaid, you can be sit on a gold mine.


According come some cases on the internet, the "Black Diamond Collection" variation of the movie is an ext valuable 보다 the others due to the fact that it to be a limited-edition release. Yet as that turned out, this is an ext of a rumor than fact.

While there room some black color Diamond collection tapes provided on eBay, the real money fetcher is the variation of The small Mermaid with an error on the covering art.

See, The little Mermaid was very first released in theaters worldwide in 1989, but it wasn"t until might 1990 that Disney do it obtainable on VHS as component of the Walt Disney classics line.

However, shortly after the tape began making its method into people"s hands, a dispute was born. People noticed the there to be a phallic shaped structure on the gold castle.


The designer responsible for the covering insisted that it was an accident, and also Disney was prompted to eliminate as many duplicates of the flawed cases as possible from save shelves.

But they weren"t fast enough. By the time they issued a recall, many world have currently gotten your hands ~ above a copy.

If you were one of the lucky few who quiet a copy the the movie with the questionable design, climate you might rake in a little fortune. The rare version of The little Mermaid has been noted for hundreds of dollars eBay.


Since there have actually been talks about a remake, there"s a very great chance that this VHS will certainly make you even much more money. If girlfriend don"t have The little Mermaid in your collection, you have the right to still make part decent cash by marketing the black Diamond arsenal of The Lion King because that upwards of $4,000.

Do you have the banned copy of The little Mermaid?



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