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"Lips of an Angel" is a song by American rock tape Hinder produced and also co-written by Brian Howes and also Joseph Lombardo. It to be released in July 2006 as the 2nd single from your album extreme Behavior. That was their breakthrough hit, charting in ~ the optimal ten on several US Billboard genre charts, reaching number three on the all-genre Billboard warm 100, and also peaking in ~ number one in Australia and new Zealand. It has sold 3.6 million duplicates in the us as that January 2015, making it among the most downloaded absent songs. Jack Ingram exit a covering of the track in 2006, which reached number 16 on the Billboard Hot nation Songs chart.more »

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Honey, why friend calling me so late?It"s kinda tough to talk best nowHoney, why space you crying, is everything okay?I gotta whisper "cause ns can"t be as well loudWell, mine girl"s in the following roomSometimes ns wish she to be youI guess: v we never really moved onIt"s really good to hear your voice speak my nameIt sounds so sweetComing from the lips of an angelHearing those native - it provides me weakAnd I never wanna to speak goodbyeBut, girl, you make it hard to it is in faithfulWith the lips of one angelIt"s funny that you"re phone call me tonightAnd, yes, I"ve dreamt of friend tooAnd walk he know you"re talking to me?Will it begin a fight?No, i don"t think she has a clueIt"s really great to hear her voice speak my nameIt sound so sweetComing native the lips of one angelHearing those native - it provides me weakAnd I never ever wanna say goodbyeBut, girl, you make it difficult to be faithfulWith those lipsAnd I never ever wanna say goodbyeBut, girl, you make it difficult to it is in faithfulWith the lips of an angel.

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Jack Ingram Jack Owen Ingram (born November 15, 1970) is an American nation music artist signed to large Machine Records, an independent document label. He has actually released eight studio albums, one expanded play, six live albums and 18 singles. Although active since 1992, Ingram did not reach the U.S. Nation Top 40 until the so late 2005 release of his single "Wherever girlfriend Are".

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A number one hit on the Billboard nation charts, the was also his first release for huge Machine and that label"s an initial Number One hit. As well as this song, Ingram has sent six other songs right into the country Top 40: "Love You," a cover version of Hinder"s "Lips of an Angel," "Measure the a Man," "Maybe She"ll gain Lonely," "That"s a Man" and also "Barefoot and Crazy." much more »