For those of us who flourished up with an N64, the almost certain that you’ll have actually played (and fallen in love with) one of the best video clip games of every time, The Legend that Zelda: Ocarina of Time

There is much to do in Hyrule as you follow Link approximately in his quest to protect against Ganondorf. Getting roughly in the game is much simpler on horseback, however one the the most asked questions bordering the video game is exactly how to obtain the much-loved horse, Epona. So, stop walk with the steps. Below is how to obtain Epona in the Ocarina the Time.

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Get EponaBonus step – Ocarina that Time Epona obstacle Course

How to acquire Epona’s song in Ocarina that Time

Epona’s tune with the Ocarina

You need to be an adult before getting Epona, yet there is a requirement to get her the you must complete whilst you young link – you must learn Epona’s song.

To discover Epona’s, merely visit Lon Lon Ranch together a child and go straight to the steed pen. Over there you’ll see Malon, the daughter that the ranch’s owner, Talon. Strategy Malon and interact with her, she’ll present you come Epona before teaching friend Epona’s tune on her Ocarina. This might be etched into the memory of most Ocarina that Time players, however for those who’ve forget it, this might jog your memory: ^ ^

Get Epona

Lon Lon Ranch – Ocarina the Time

Once you recognize Epona’s song, acquiring Epona is nice straightforward as soon as you turn into adult Link. Just follow this steps. 

Step 1 – Head come Lon Lon Ranch 

As soon as you leave the holy place of Time upon becoming an adult, you’ll notice that there has actually been a most change. The sector is completely desolate other than for a few zombie ‘ReDeads’ the make a horrifying screaming sound, and Hyrule lock has readjusted into Ganon’s Castle. 

Ignore them for now and make your method to Lon Lon Ranch. If it’s night time, play the Sun track with her Ocarina to make it day. 

Once you there, enter the stables to check out Malon and she’ll call you all that has actually happened in Hyrule while you were gone. Since Ganondorf took over, monster have started to roam the lands and also a dark cloud hangs end Hyrule. Adjust can likewise be at Lon Lon Ranch, too, where Ganondorf has placed the servile mr Ingo in charge in location of Talon. 

Step 2 – gyeongju Mr Ingo

Race grandfather Ingo in ~ Lon Lon Ranch

After talk to Malon, head outside and also over to the pen to speak to grandfather Ingo, who will fee you 10 rupees to ride a horse. Accept the 10 rupee charge and also enter the 1 minute allowed on the horses. 

When the countdown starts, look approximately the pen for Epona, you’ll notification that she’ll operation away indigenous you once you approach her. This is once you’ll must use her ocarina come play Epona’s Song. Do this, and also Epona will be tamed, enabling you come ride her. Test the end the controls and also get a feel for the controls with the time you have left. 

As quickly as the moment is up, speak to mr Ingo again and pay the charge to drive the equines again. Pat Epona’s track to regain regulate of Epona, and go and also talk to mr Ingo whilst you room still in her allotted 1 minute of steed time. He’ll an obstacle you to a race and place a wager ~ above the outcome. Expropriate the challenge. 

There room two races v Mr Ingo. In the first one, merely race roughly the pen, utilizing your carrots efficiently. The best means is to simply use one at a time, as quickly as that replenishes usage it again immediately, and then . 

The 2nd race is harder as Mr Ingo will reduced you turn off every time you shot to overtake him. Friend still shouldn’t have any problems, though, just wait for one of the corners and also use your carrot come burn your way past him together he turns. 

Step 3 – obtain Epona!

Trapped in Lon Lon Ranch

After racing grandfather Ingo twice, he’ll walk ballistic and reveal the he to be training Epona specifically for his new master, Ganondorf. He’ll save his promise of letting you store Epona for beating him in the second race, yet he likewise vows to never let you leave the ranch!

Luckily, there room a variety of different wall surfaces you have the right to jump end that allow you come escape the ranch and also get Epona on your side forever. Just strategy a scalable wall surface at pace and you will instantly jump end it to force your method to freedom. 

And there you have it – Epona is yours!

Bonus action – Ocarina that Time Epona obstacle Course

Lon Lon Ranch Epona problem Course

There is an extra step you deserve to take in ~ Lon Lon Ranch as soon as you gain Epona. The next time you go back to the ranch Malon will be by the enntrance gate to the pen. If you speak to her, she’ll call you the her dad is returning and also that grandfather Ingo has returned to being a quite person. 

She’ll then an obstacle you to an obstacle course. The course is usually the same route as the race, but with hurdles. If you expropriate the challenge, you’ll have to beat the Lon Lon Ranch obstacle course in under 50 seconds. It’s fairly difficult, however definitely possible. 

If you execute this, Malon will tell you the she’ll deliver your reward to Link’s house in Kokiri Forest. The next time you return to your house, there will be a cow there. Yes, a cow. If girlfriend play Epona’s song to the cow the will provide you several of the best milk in the soil – Lon Lon Milk! If that’s not a an excellent reward, ns don’t know what is. 

Play Epona’s tune to the Cow because that a nice reward

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