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Q: ours parental legal rights were terminated in youth Dependency case. Deserve to our kids be adopted w/out ours knowledge?

my hubby verified for the TPR hearing, i did Not. Apparently, our legal rights WERE terminated. The didn't sign any type of paperwork, and, as I stated, i did not also go. Have the right to our babies be embraced out without even our Knowledge? Also, deserve to we take on our very own kids?!

Regina Irene Edwards reply on Oct 28, 2021

If your legal rights were terminated, the children can be adopted with no an alert to you.

Q: 16 year old is being accused of gift an accessory to equipped robbery. Is over there any way we can obtain her out of county?

She was accused to be with a boy that is 18 and also committed armed robbery. She was taken to Fulton county juvenile detention center, castle may try her as an adult and also we space unsure the what to do.


Robbie Levin answered on Sep 8, 2021

It might be feasible to get her a bond. You should hire an attorney ASAP. For more information visit my website at www.LevinLawyerGa.com -Law Office the Robbie M. Levin Robbie
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Q: divorced 2011 ex husband is primary care giver of our 17 daughter has a med problems an the refuses to gain her diagnose

He additionally let her quit college at 14 ive been fightin this for 5 yrs you re welcome IM BEGGIN because that HELP. My boy cant walk and also has a 6th grade edjucation. Every time i shot to carry out something he has me locked increase or restraining bespeak taken the end on me. Please help me

Michael D. Birchmore reply on Sep 7, 2021

that would show up the only method you room going to move forward is v the assistance of legitimate counsel. Meet with an attorney as shortly as you deserve to to discuss your options.

Q: Dfcs is petitioning to remove my daughter's rights as result of her substance abuse problem. Is there anything we deserve to do?

Michael D. Birchmore reply on Aug 20, 2021

Absolutely. Find and also retain an attorney that is experienced in handling situations involving DFCS.

Q: If my child on probation because that aggravated assault with knife and also got a brand-new aggressive assault case will certainly he obtain out

Regina Irene Edwards answer on Aug 15, 2021

no likely, yet you may want to write-up in the criminal legislation section.

Q: I'm having to walk to a preliminary security hearing because that my youngsters what can I take v me to assist me get mychildren
Homer p Jordan IV reply on Jul 20, 2021

we would must know much more about your instance in order to carry out you v guidance. You may want to consult through an lawyer who have the right to review the situation in detail and present you through the right route to address this.

Q: Is there lot that a policeman deserve to do around this situation?

ns 17. I’m two months away from gift 18. I’m moving out and also teaming v a reliable friend as a roommate and also I’m going back to work and I have a little business together well. I just don’t want to it is in at home anymore. Is there not much a policeman have the right to do because I’m so close to being 18? I... Read an ext »

Michael D. Birchmore answer on Jul 19, 2021

Forget emancipation. Not sufficient time to make that work. Till you space 18, your parents ascendancy the roost. Have to an adult help you move out prior to you space 18, that person can be charged through interference through custody. It's just 2 months. Focus on the positive things you have to be doing... Read an ext »

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Q: Need help with very nice process

three years ago my daughter remained in abusive partnership her bf wouldn't allow me take it the baby and my daughter would steal from Walmart to assistance her daughter reason the infant father was addicted to pills and also would abusive come her. Fine she got recorded twice put on probation and went come jail for... Read much more »

Kedra M Gotel answered on Jul 7, 2021

her daughter doesn't have an very nice appealable issue. She merely needs come revoke/terminate/end the guardianship in a signed writing. The division of Family and Children solutions did no initiate a petition of defense nor walk they look for termination of your daughter's parental rights.... Read more »