LAMB OF oh my gosh RANDY BLYTHE – “I believe In A greater Power, yet I don’t Think the A Caucasian male In A Robe With lengthy Brown Hair”

April 14, 2020, a year ago

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Speaking through the Illinois Entertainer, Lamb of God singer Randy Blythe talked about the present COVID-19 pandemic, religion, and also the band’s upcoming album.

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A snippet below:

IE: You’ve to be surfing and disappearing into the southern American jungles lately. And it seems choose it’s placed you earlier in touch through God, maybe?

Blythe: “Well, I believe in a higher power, 100%. I don’t think the a Caucasian masculine in a robe with lengthy brown hair, and I nothing think that a male or a female. The something the I, with my restricted cognitive abilities, cannot comprehend or perceive. And I’m no foolish enough to think that ns have any type of sort that answers about God — and I usage that term out of convenience — because, in the entire time of masculine existence, no one has actually come up with the correct answer. If they had, we would understand by now. And I’m no denigrating any type of religion, but religions are simply man’s attempt to grasp the impossible, girlfriend know?”

IE: It to be refreshing to hear “Memento Mori” together your comeback single, with an opened musical passage obtained from “Marian,” through the an excellent Sisters the Mercy. Quite one.

Blythe: “The etc stuff? i don’t create that. But I’m the only Sisters that Mercy fan in the band because we’re five completely different dudes. Yet I heard that etc line and also just heard the pattern native ‘Marian,’ for this reason it’s an homage come Andrew Eldritch, since they’re such an influential band to me, ever since I was a kid. Ns was life at my grandmother’s home in 6th grade or something, and also I actually saw them ~ above a TV program referred to as Solid Gold. They announced, ‘Solid gold goes to England,’ and cut to The Batcave in London, and they to be on playing ‘This Corrosion.’ and I to be like, ‘what is THIS’ and also I was looking in ~ Patricia Morrison play bass and thinking, ‘She is the hottest mrs on the confront of the planet!’ ns was simply listening come her various other band, The gun Club, earlier today, actually. I had actually a poster of her and also Eldritch on my wall surface from the Floodland era, and also I’m not a dude who has actually crushes on celebrity chicks. But I to be like, ‘Holy fuck! ns am in LOVE through this woman!’ and now she’s Mrs. Dave Vanian, the course.”

Scottish handmade brewer BrewDog and American heavy metal band Lamb the God announcement the release of the world’s very first non-alcoholic cooperation beer, Ghost Walker.

The announcement was initially planned because that the start of the band’s an international tour that would have started this spring, but, together a result of COVID-19 and the postponing of your European tour, BrewDog and Lamb that God decided to beginning their participation with the video clip premiere of the band’s most recent live power of their track “Ghost Walking.” The live video, filmed in ~ Lamb that God’s performance at home of Vans in Chicago on February 14, premiers today, to provide music fans approximately the civilization an opportunity to practically come together in these unsure times.

As the today, the beer is obtainable in BrewDog’s digital shop for shipping all over in the world. The beer is named after one of the band’s most famous songs, “Ghost Walking”, from their 2012 album Resolution. Lamb that God vocalist Randy Blythe composed the lyrics together he began his journey towards an alcohol-free lifestyle.

The collaboration, which began after Blythe to be blown far by one of BrewDog’s AF (alcohol free) beers, provides non-drinkers, and also people who may want a beer but not the alcohol, a top quality craft beverage option. Unlike plenty of non-alcoholic beers, Ghost walker rocks a hop-forward odor with less than 0.5% alcohol. Tropical aromas harmonize through grassy, pine notes, every sitting top top a heavy malt baseline, proving the non-alcoholic beer can taste just as good.

Later this year, after the quarantine is lifted, Ghost Walker will certainly be accessible to concert-goers attending Lamb that God shows in phibìc America and Europe. At this events, the beer will provide a non-alcoholic alternative for those search it and also will make these currently momentous celebrations even more inclusive. Tourism dates and also details will be announced top top Lamb of God and also BrewDog’s websites as soon as determined.

Watch the people premiere that Lamb of God performing “Ghost Walking” live from home of Vans Chicago, below.

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Lamb of God vocalist Randy Blythe commented, “The idea that a collaboration hatched as soon as Willie Adler and I saw a BrewDog bar in Columbus top top a tourism day off to sample a few pints of your non-alcoholic beer with the brewery team. Numerous bands have actually done beer collaborations, yet we room the world’s first non-alcoholic one. In my not-so-humble opinion, this is the finest non-alcoholic beer ever before made, PERIOD. It was conceived, design and very first tasted if on tour – music drive it into existence. Right currently is a strange time because that everyone, but we’re i stopped to administer a non-alcoholic choice for those who want to have a brew while cranking some tunes safely in ~ home. Us hope you enjoy our performance and we will watch you on the roadway as shortly as possible.”

BrewDog co-founder James Watt commented, “This participation is our most epic come date. The is additionally one of the many important, particularly now. BrewDog has constantly been focused on do other human being as passionate around craft beer as we are, and that includes people who, like Randy, don’t want alcohol in their beer. Our AF heat of beers provides everyone one alcohol-free different for any kind of occasion and we’re thrilled to include Ghost walker to the lineup.”

To learn an ext about BrewDog’s Ghost pedestrian beer or come purchase, visit BrewDog.com/usa/ghost-walker.