The initial poster said, "Dialectically (French or Cajun) : "lay-say lay bawn tawmp ru-lay" or "less-say place bawn tawmp ru-lay" "

I indicate the adhering to improvement:

The final P and S in "temps" are silent. The M is quite "muffled", too.

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It is a patent French sound, with few English analogs.

It is much more like "TAWm", or the first sound of "Ankh" or "Encore" - without the K.

It is nearly an N sound an ext than an M.

Perhaps we must say, Dialectically (French or Cajun) : "LESS-say put bawn tawn roo-LAY".

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(It means "Let the an excellent times roll")

Leh-seh leh boh taw roo-leh is a French pronunciation of "Laissez les bons temps rouler". The imperative "laissez"means " allow, let". The plural definite write-up "les"means "the". The mrs adjective "bons" means "good". The mrs noun "temps" method "times". The infinitive "rouler" method "to roll". Every together, the phrase method "Let the an excellent times roll".

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