The door swung open. At this hour, over there was nobody in the restaurant besides José. The clock had just struck 6 o"clock, and also he knew that just at six thirty walk the normal clients start to arrive. Therefore conservative and regular to be his clientele that the clock had not even finished its 6th stroke when a mrs entered, favor every day at this hour, and also sat without saying a word in a tall bar seat. She took out a cigarette, and also without lighting it, placed it tightly in between her lips.

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"Hello reina," stated José as soon as he witnessed her sit down. (reina way "queen", however I like exactly how it sound in the story, so remember it together a ax of affection)He climate walked come the various other side the the counter, cleaning it v a dry rag versus the glass surface.Whenever anyone gone into the restaurant José go the same. Even with the lady with whom he had arisen a level of familiarity, the fat, ruddy barkeep performed his same routine of a diligent man.He spoke from the other side that the counter.
"First the all, I desire to teach you to be a gentleman." said the woman. She was seated in ~ the end of the line of bar seats, v her elbow on the counter, through the unlit cigarette in between her lips. When she spoke, she squeezed she lips come warn José through the unlit tobacco (another weird translation).
The male left the rag on the counter, walking end to the dark cupboards and pine tar and dusty wood, moments later returningwith matches. The mrs leaned end the respond to to reach the fire held between his coarse and also hairy hands. José observed her plentiful hair, smeared through thick, cheapVaseline. He saw the climb of her chest in the twilight, as soon as the woman raised her head up, already holding the lit cigarette in she lips.(Not certain if it"s speak he can see her breasts in the twilight, or if it"s a metaphor)
"I didn"t mean that, reina." claimed José. "I"ll gambling that now you"re hurting for lunch." (no idea if that"s it)
The woman suck in her an initial puff of thick smoke, crossed her arms, still v her elbow upon the counter, and also stared in ~ the street v the broad windows of the restaurant. She had a sad expression upon she face, among boredom and vulgarity.
"It"s been three months the you haven"t had actually money, and also I constantly make girlfriend something delicious anyways." claimed José.
"All days room the same," said José. "Every work the clock reflects six, then you come in and also say the you have the hunger that a dog and I make you something good.The only distinction is that this day you haven’t claimed that you have the hunger of a dog, however rather that this day is unique."
"And the is true, " claimed the woman. She returned to look at the man on the other side the the counter, who was looking through therefrigerator. She contemplated for two, 3 seconds. She climate looked at the clock, set above the cabinets. It to be 6:03. "It"s true, José. Today is unique." she said. She exhaled a puff the smoke and continued speaking through short, passionate words. "Today ns didn"t come at six o"clock, as such it is a distinct day, José."
"I"ll reduced my arm if that clock is even one minute late." the said. (exaggeration i assume, meaning he wouldn"t believe for a second that his clock is off)
"It"s not that, José. It"s that this particular day I didn"t arrive at six," she said. "I came in at 4 minutes 1 to six."
José looked to wherein she sat. She approached his large, purged face, pulling on one of her eyelids.
She threw she head back. She was serious, annoyed, tender, embellished by a cloud the sorrow and fatigue.
"Stop this nonsense, José. You understand that it"s been an ext than six months that I"ve not been drinking."
"If that"s what you want to call others," he said. "But not me. Ns bet the you drank at least a liter between the 2 of you." (not certain why he"s unexpectedly talking of 2 people, but whatever)
"Alright, if that"s what girlfriend want, you"ve been right here a 4 minutes 1 of an hour. ~ all, ten minute much more or much less isn"t important to anyone."
"It walk matter, José," stated the woman. She stretched her arms above the counter, top top the glass surface, through an air of careless neglect. She said, "And it"s not what i want: it"s that I"ve been here for a quarter of an hour." She returned to look at the clock and amended her previous statement.

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The whole time throughout the conversation, José had been moving approximately behind the counter, removed objects, acquisition something from one ar to placed it in another. The was his role.
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