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Hi!!! just wanted to ask. Does the last scene in the manga (the among Yuuri saying to wolf "I"m your fiancé" and stuff) is on the novels together well? Thx!

——————Hello anon dear!

I’m therefore happy so many brand-new fans are approaching the novels, what a thrill!

The manga story was changed after chapter 96 to rate up the developments. (because the manga screenwriter was quitting)and chapter 108, ( the one whereby Yuuri’s pretty much confessing v “I’m your fiance”, and also the “I finally caught you” ), to be a method of summarizing a longer and also deeper advancement in Yuuri and Wolfram’s relationship.

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What that chapter tried come summarize was this:

1) Wolfram and Yuuri sleeping together in a cramped bed in a small cabin in a ship for 2 weeks there is no anyone else’s company. Yuuri doesn’t share details around what happened.

2) regardless of not gift able to speak to anyone else during this time, Yuuri refusing to leave Wolf as soon as he had a possibility to go have actually fun in the ship.

3) Jumping together right into the ocean in the middle of the night to conserve children.

4) Wolfram getting shot in the love by an arrow and Yuuri literally losing his mind (Despite Wolfram gift unharmed, Yuuri deserve to never fully recover the the trauma of reasoning Wolfram was dead, not also until the critical novel)

5) possible kiss on scene (unconfirmed, together the language used was faint )

6) by chance stabbing each other.

7) Yuuri (while blind) crawling about asking because that Wolfram’s forgiveness; Wolfram upset at Yuuri for reasoning he hated him, informing him he’s not angry and doesn’t dislike him and also that he’s just come to the end of the people for him, and also Yuuri feeling relieved.

8) Yuuri asking to sleep in Wolfram’s bed telling him‘he doesn’t have actually the strength to ~ pretend anymore’, cut to black, and also Yuuri doesn’t tell united state what taken place after that.

9) Wolfram sacrificing self to conserve Yuuri (he had actually to punch Yuuri in the gut so he wouldn’t prevent him). Yuuri flips out once realizing wolf is in danger, operation to him come in prior of the enemy, asks the what that punch meant (does it typical you desire a divorce? Marry who else?As if they to be married rather than engaged).

10) Everything turning out well, and both the them being able to return to Shinma in one piece. Wolfram extending his hand and Yuuri taking Wolfram’s hand together they walk right into the delivery that will take them earlier together.

Besides that the key novels, there room canon stories choose Crossheart, whereby Yuuri describes himself as Wolfram fiance (it’s a emotional story the addresses what would occur if Yuuri wouldn’t be able to return to the other world), also in one of the newest stories, Love Letter, that again calls himself fiance. Much more stories like Misepan where Yuuri’s touching Wolfram’s ceiling chest and telling him“ he would offer him anything”.

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Anyways, there’s a lot an ext than“I’m your fiance” in the novels. Ns hope you sign up with us and start reading them due to the fact that they’re an excellent .