Above, a 1934 plaque indigenous the huge Apple Night club at West 135th Street and also Seventh avenue in Harlem. Discarded together trash in 2006. Now a Popeye"s quick food restaurant on Google Maps.Recent entries:•Entry in progress—BP (11/14)•“Opera is simply screaming music in cursive” (11/14)•Entry in progress—BP (11/14)•“The just thing worse than finding a hair in your food is finding the end the chief is bald” (11/14)•“Music is noise in cursive” (11/14)More brand-new entries...

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Above, huge Apple edge at 54th Street and Broadway in Manhattan. Google Maps.

Above, man J. Fitz Gerald, native the Aug. 15, 1931, Binghamton (NY) Press, pg. 14.

Listen to Robert Emmerich present "The huge Apple," a hit song from 1937. Music created by Bob and performed by Tommy Dorsey"s Clambake 7 with Bob top top piano. Lyrics written by girlfriend Bernier and also sung by Edythe Wright. Audio listed by Dorothy Emmerich.

Also hear to a 1937 "The large Apple" song by Ozzie Nelson and also his Orchestra. Check out a 1929 picture of man J. Fitz Gerald and also a 1931 photograph of man J. Fitz Gerald.

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"King Henry passed away Monday Drinking chocolate Milk” is a mnemonic an equipment for remembering the metric units, in descending order: kil-, hecto-, deka-, meter-, deci-, centi-, milli-. The mnemonic “King Henry died Monday Drinking coco Milk” has actually been quote in print because at the very least 1994. There have actually been countless kings named “Henry,” with the most well known being King Henry VIII of England (1509-1547). Cacao milk became popular in the 1910s-1920s—long after ~ the regime of many every “King Henry.” The “M” because that “meter” (or “Monday") is sometimes replaced through “U” because that “unit” or “B” for “base unit,” so the the mnemonic can be used for meters, grams and also liters. “King Henry passed away Unexpectedly Drinking coco Milk,” “King Henry Doesn’t typically Drink cacao Milk” and also “King Henry passed away By Doing decision Meth” are related mnemonics. The cost-free DictionaryAcronym DefinitionKHDMDCM King Henry died Monday Drinking chocolate Milk (mnemonic for metric devices of measure) KHDMDCM Kilo, Hecto, Deka, Meter, Deci, Centi, Milli (metric measures) KHDMDCM King Henry Doesn’t mental Drinking cacao Milk (mnemonic for metric units of measure) KHDMDCM Kangaroos Hop Down mountains Drinking chocolate Milk (mnemonic; metric measures) KHDMDCM King Henry passed away Mother Didn’t care Much (mnemonic for metric units of measure) KHDMDCM King Henry Danced Merrily Down center Main (mnemonic for metric devices of measure) Utah education NetworkKing Henry’s StoryOnce upon a time in a faraway soil there lived a king who loved coco milk. His surname was King Henry.(...)kiloliter hectoliter dekaliter liter deciliter centiliter milliliter(...)King Henry Does commonly Drink cacao Milk Wikipedia: list of rulers named HenryThere have actually been plenty of monarchs v the name “Henry”. The years shown below are the regnal years. Oriental EmpireHenry of Flanders (1206-1216) (Latin Empire) ScotlandNote there to be no king the Scotland called Henry, return there to be a king consortHenry Stuart, mr Darnley England, Wales and IrelandHenry i of England r. (1100 - 1135)Henry II Plantagenet that England r. (1154 - 1189)Henry III that England r. (1216 - 1272)Henry IV of England r. (1399 - 1413)Henry V of England r. (1413 - 1422)Henry vi of England r. (1422 - 1461, 1470-1471)Henry VII the England r. (1485 - 1509)Henry VIII of England r. (1509 - 1547) FranceHenry ns of France (1031 - 1060)Henry II the France (1547 - 1559)Henry III that France (1574 - 1589)Henry IV of France (1589 - 1610)Henry V that France (2-9 respectable 1830) Google BooksHelping Your boy to Learn: A proven device that shows parents just how to assist their youngsters study and also receive top grades in elementary and also junior high schoolBy Gordon W. Green brand-new York, NY: Carol Pub. Group,1994Pg. 88:An easy way for youngsters to remember this progression is with the saying: King Henry passed away Monday Drinking chocolate Milk, where the very first letter of every word in the sentence refers to the very first letter of metric lengths from biggest (kilometer) to the smallest (millimeter. Google BooksClassroom finding out & TeachingBy Robert L. Hohn White Plains, NY: Longman Publishers USA1995Pg. 207:King Henry died Monday Drinking cacao MilkDescending order of metric prefixes: kil-, hecta-, deka-, meter-, deci-, centi-, milli-. Google BooksTeaching inclusive mathematics to one-of-a-kind leaners, K-6By Julie A. SlivaLondon: Sage2004 Pg. 38:For example, a teacher may introduce the mnemonic, “King Henry died Monday Drinking chocolate Milk.” This mnemonic help students mental the progression of the metric system: kilometer, hectometer, dekameter, meter, decimeter, centimeter, and millimeter. The Hindu (India)Saturday, Jul 10, 2004 tell the taleK.T. Rajagopalan Memorising have the right to be fun as soon as you discover the trick. (...)In Biology, the pet kingdom (and the plant kingdom) is divided and subdivided. The pecking order is not easy to remember, but the sentence “Kids prefer Cheese over Fried environment-friendly Spinach” concerns our rescue. The early letters stand for the classification: Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species. A sports is “King Philip come Over For good Sleep.” talking of royalty, `King Henry passed away Gently Drinking chocolate Milk’ signifies Kilo, Hecta, Deca, Grams (or meters, litres, hertz, watts, bytes or whatever) Deci, Centi and Milli. Google BooksCliffsTestPrep FTCE: basic knowledge testBy Jeffrey S. Kaplan and also Sandra K. McCune Hoboken, NJ: Wiley Pub.2005Pg. 290:Use “King Henry Doesn’t commonly Drink chocolate Milk,” i m sorry is a mnemonic because that remembering the complying with metric prefixes: kilo-, hecto-, deca-, unit measurement, deci-, centi-, milli- In this problem, the unit measure up is meters. Google BooksEvery good Boy Deserves Fudge: The publication of Mnemonic devices By pole L. EvansNew York, NY: Perigee2007Pg. 91:King Hector’s daffy mommy drinks coco milk.King Henry passed away Monday throughout Christmas mass.UNITKilometerhectometerdecametermeterdecimetercentimetermillimeter Telegraph (London)Mnemony clever ways to mental stuff12:01AM GMT 12 Dec 2007 (...)The Metric SystemTo psychic the order of kilometre (1,000 metres), hectometre (100 metres), decametre (10 metres), metre, decimetre (1/10 that a metre), centimetre (1/100 the a metre) and also millimetre (1/1000 of a metre), say to yourself: King Henry passed away Mightily Drinking chocolate Milk, or Kippers Hardly challenge Move throughout Cold Months.