Max’s father. Favor Max, Kenny is very tall and wide, yet unlike Max, Kenny is cruel and also unfeeling—Grim refers to him as an “accident of nature.” Grim’s feelings are fueled by the reality that around a decade before the novel begins, Kenny murdered Annie, his wife and Max’s mother, v his ceiling hands. He’s in jail for this violation at the beginning of the novel, but since Max watch so lot like Kenny, many civilization torment Max because that looking prefer “Killer Kane.” Kenny’s terrifying effect on people, and also his grasp of just how to properly use storytelling to acquire his way, comes to the forefront once Kenny is released from prison on parole. Kenny gets the end in the very first place due to the fact that he’s may be to to convince the special amnesty board the he reformed himself by finding out Christianity, though Grim and also Gram recognize that this is a manipulative lie. As soon as Max hears the Kenny is getting out, he has actually a violent outburst that resembles a panic strike because he is so terrified in ~ the thought of having actually to view Kenny. This reaction isn’t unfounded: Kenny kidnaps Max out of his bed on Christmas Eve. The means that Max describes his experience of gift kidnapped suggests that Kenny has actually the power to sap the hope and the light out of a room. He’s impossibly huge and impossibly strong and that gets every little thing he wants. Though Kenny is capable of acting gently, he only does so as soon as it suits him—and any type of gentle gestures inevitably host a risk of violence. Once Kenny does talk to Max around what taken place to Annie, he cries and he crafts a compelling stare of his supposedly wrongful conviction and also subsequent redemption. As soon as Kenny later tries to murder Loretta Lee in the exact same way he killed Annie for trying come rescue Max, however, Max understands the Kenny is still the violent and cruel male he’s constantly been. Ultimately, Freak’s resourcefulness results in Kenny’s arrest, and Kenny at some point pleads guilty to the charges versus him, definition that he’ll be in jail for decades after the novel ends.

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The Freak the Mighty quotes below are every either spoken by Kenny (Killer) Kane or describe Kenny (Killer) Kane. For each quote, girlfriend can additionally see the other characters and themes pertained to it (each template is indicated by its own dot and icon, choose this one:

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).Note: all web page numbers and citation info for the quotes below refer come the Scholastic edition of Freak the Mighty released in 2001.

It’s an ext than simply the method Maxwell resembles him, Grim claims that night in the kitchen, the boy is prefer him, we’d far better watch out, you never know what he can do if we’re sleeping. Choose his father did. And also Gram appropriate away shushes him and says don’t ever before say that, because little pictures have big ears, which renders me run to the winter to view if it is my big ears make me look prefer Him.