What is one more phrase because that kill 2 birds with one stone? Or an additional term that implies comparable meaning?


There"s one old, idiomatic expression which can be provided for more than two outcomes of the action:

one fell swoop every wiktionary


I imply "fill two needs with one deed"

Edit:Although i couldn"t discover it in any kind of dictionary, it"s existing usage.

Hyattsville Life & Times


Winspire News


Josh61"s answer, there are a number of choices pointed out in J. Ray"s "A complete Collection of bsci-ch.org Proverbs", (page 214) including

to avoid two mouths through one morselto gain two child in regulations with one daughterto kill 2 flies through one slap.to make two friends with one giftto take two pigeons with one beanto carry two faces under one hoodto have two strings come one bow

Twofer is the short type for "two for one."

Definition: Arrangement in i m sorry a single expense or amount of initiative produces two returns; human or thing that has actually two desirable characteristics normally present singly, i.e. Something the satisfies 2 criteria or requirements simultaneously.

Example: Going to a wedding in brand-new Orleans during Mardi Gras was a twofer.

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EDIT: ns realized that


There is the outdated speak stop 2 gaps through one bush:

which is the equivalent, probably previously version that "killing 2 birds v one stone".

(Allen"s dictionary of bsci-ch.org Phrases)

In mine granola years in Portland, Oregon

Feed 2 birds through one seed. it was local at the time; I"m not certain if it"s spread.

If girlfriend are trying to find a non-colloquial phrase, the 2nd bird`s demise was a "positive externality" that the rock ricocheting turn off the very first bird. Or, if friend prefer, it was a synergistic side-effect...

Another approach would it is in :

as a bonus or on top of or extra benefit

also, but even less straight you can stretch in the direction of side effect and so on

Yes these usually refer to extr benefits resulting from what looks favor a focus directed at only "one that the 2 birds" , yet this technique is very common ... And really very generally the truth is the on the surface a given arrangement ~will~ seem more directed in ~ one target yet take place to include the other.

These space close:

A win-win situation.The ideal of both worlds.

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They both relate come achieving two goals at once.

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