Joshua Ryan Evans, 20, who depicted the 8-year-old version of gibbs Jim Carrey in the motion snapshot "How the Grinch Stole Christmas," acted as a kid prodigy lawyer in television"s "Ally McBeal" and was ideal known together Timmy the life doll in the NBC soap opera "Passions," passed away Aug. 5 in a hospital in mountain Diego.

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Mr. Evans had heart ailments and also a rare expansion disorder that restricted his adult height to 3-foot-2. NBC announced that he passed away during one unspecified clinical procedure. The network did not disclose the nature of the procedure or the cause of death.

The diminutive young man regularly said he made decision acting due to the fact that he spent so lot time city hall movies and television reflects while he was recuperating indigenous surgeries together a child.

"I thought, if it"s all pretend, why can"t I do that?" that told the Los Angeles time in 2000 as soon as the "Grinch" movie was released.

The Reuters news business quoted Mr. Evans as saying the "watching movies took me away from my very own problems and also gave me a total escape." He added that "I knew that if I could do that for just one human being -- the if ns could aid one human escape the means the movies aided me -- that would be a good way to spend my life."

Reuters also said the he embraced a an individual motto: "It"s not the size of the dreamer, it"s the size of the dream."

Mr. Evans came to be something of a cult number for his role as Timmy. The character, i m sorry he had actually portrayed since the beginning of "Passions" in 1999, is a doll turned into a genuine boy by a resides witch called Tabitha.

Ironically, in Monday"s illustration -- recorded last month -- Mr. Evans"s character died. Mr. Evans obtained two consecutive Soap Opera Digest Awards for superior male scene stealer for the living-doll role.

Even though his makeup as the young Grinch forced 5 1/2 hrs a job -- two much more than the for Carrey -- Mr. Evans relished the movie function and working with director Ron Howard, a previous child star. "It to be wonderful," that told one interviewer. "Every time I obtained to see Ron it to be an honor."

When the film to be released almost two year ago, Howard claimed Mr. Evans"s duty as the furry eco-friendly classroom misfit was envisioned together a walk-on -- till he met the actor.

"As the turned out, he to be able to create a character and generate a the majority of heart for the story," Howard said then. "Josh was simply delightful."

Mr. Evans played Oren Koolie, a pint-size lawyer complicated series star Calista Flockhart in two episodes that "Ally McBeal" in 1998.

The indigenous of Hayward, Calif., also played dwarf circus show Tom ignorance opposite Beau Bridges in the 1999 arts & entertain cable presentation the "P.T. Barnum" and also was among the toddlers in the 1999 film "Baby Geniuses" starring Kathleen Turner. Mr. Evans likewise appeared top top "7th Heaven" and in Showtime"s "Poltergeist: The Legacy."

The actor gained his first break in show organization at age 12 as soon as he to be featured in a national Dreyer ice cream Cream commercial titled "The dancing Baby." The commercial winner a Cleo Award and resulted in a duty for Mr. Evans in the movie "Baby Geniuses."

Survivors encompass his parents and also a brother.

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Joshua Ryan Evans had actually a rare growth disorder that minimal his adult elevation to 3-foot-2.