Cinco de mei made me think of margaritas. Margaritas made me think that Jose Cuervo which make me think the Shelly West"s hit track from 1983 by the exact same name. It to be such a fun, catchy little tune. The success brought increased sales for Jose Cuervo Tequila, which brought much more success because that Shelly"s recording.

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Another of she songs ns really chosen was "You"re the factor God do Oklahoma" - a duo through her brother-in-law, David Frizzell. The song was #1 top top the country charts in early "81. The was supplied in Clint Eastwood"s movie "Any Which means You Can" in 1980.
As much as I liked these two songs of Shelly"s, that was her mother, Dottie West, ns was a genuine fan of. Dottie was among the early successful female country western artists in addition to her friend, Patsy Cline. (Another favourite of mine.)
In 1970, Dottie"s song, "Country Girl" was provided as the basis for a Coca-Cola commercial. In 1973, she wrote an additional commercial for them: "Country Sunshine". I was living near and also working in the huge city at that time, but due to the fact that I considered myself a "country girl" ns would always crank increase the volume and also sing along.
West had so plenty of hits alone and also with duo partners. "Every Time 2 Fools Collide" v Kenny Rogers was one of my favourites. Ns still remember hearing around her car accident on august 30, 1991. At very first it was reported she wasn"t serious hurt. As soon as I heard top top Sept 4 that she had died, i couldn"t believe it. Ns still love hearne to her songs.

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But ago to Cinco de Mayo, which started this chain the thoughts: the fifth of may is not Mexico"s self-reliance Day. It celebrates the win of Mexican forces over the French in ~ Puebla. Although France walk on to catch Mexico City and also install Maximilian together Emperor a year later, the delay kept the French indigenous lending support to the Confederates throughout our country"s polite War.
Cinco de Mayo has actually become an ext popular together a work of celebration event in the U.S. End the years. The is generally a work of cultural celebration with emphasis on beverages, food and dancing. Later today I plan to drink a margarita, eat some chips and guacamole and also listen come Dotty West - all in the soul of......
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