Installation, Repair and also Replacement of man Deere lawn tractor 100 series drive belts

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Left-hand and right-hand are referenced from the suggest of watch of the tractor operator.The flat backside of the belt rides on level idlers; the inside vee rides in v-idlers and also pulleys. These man Deere lawn tractors use traction drive belt part number GX20006 i beg your pardon is 88.9 inch long, 0.5 wide, HA overcome section, 0.35 thick, 40° polyester;

#1. Belt straddles steering shaft

Remove the nut and pinion equipment (#1, red) at the bottom of the steering column (#1, blue), perceived from the rear looking forward. Slide the steering tower upward and also loop the belt approximately the shaft. On slide the shaft back down and also replace the pinion gear and also nut so the the belt straddles the shaft.

#2. Engine pulley

Lower the engine wheel sufficiently to clean the belt travel guide (#2) and also fish the former loop that the belt end the steering sector equipment bracket and onto the peak pulley at the engine. Reposition the pulley and tighten it.

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#3. Transmission pulley

Loop the ago end of the belt approximately the transmission sheave (#3).

#4. Belt overview at tranny

Some models whereby the fan is over the pulley have actually a belt overview (#4, red) that need to be eliminated to download the belt.

#5. Collection brake to slacken belt

Loosen both idler pulleys, set the parking brake to allow slack in the belt and also position the right-hand length of the belt ~ above the pulleys and also within the belt guides (#5, green). Re-tighten the pulleys.