I"ll tell girlfriend the story that Jimmy Jet--And you recognize what ns tell you is true.He loved to watch his TV setAlmost as lot as you.He watched all day, that watched all nightTill he grew pale and lean,From "The early Show" come "The so late Show"And every the reflects in between.

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he watched it spins his eyes were frozen wide,And his bottom grew into his chair.And his chin turned into a tuning dial,And antennae grew out of his hair.And his brain turned into TV tubes,And his challenge to a TV screen.And 2 knobs saying "vert." and also "horiz."Grew where his ears had been.

and also he grew a plug the looked prefer a tailSo us plugged in tiny Jim.And now instead of that watching TV we all sit around and also watch him.

i did this poem for recitation. I think it is wonderful and also special in it very own way. Like this if you can relate. This poem deserve to be related for childhood if anyone has any kind of console or Nintendo video game boy ect... If you visited Popejohnschool 23 in evenston perform this poem. I mean if friend wish,

ns ?? this poem it has actually a great life lesson i am a child I hope ns don’t come to be like that although the got bad at the end I still prefer it

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