Throughout the year, you regularly hear people claim "myths" together truths. Here"s a look at exactly how I have debunked my 10 least favorite NFL myths:

1. Jerry Rice was slow

I am so exhausted of hearing human being say Jerry Rice ran a 4.6 or 4.7 ~ above his 40-yard dash. Plenty of Web sites case this without recorded proof, as if it were fact.

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This legend was produced to offer less athletic human being hope the if they functioned hard enough at something, choose Rice, who had legendary work ethic, lock can achieve anything.

Sorry come burst your bubble, however Rice is additionally gifted with an excellent genes and also actually ran a 4.4 follow to this net site

Also in an interview ~ above the Chronicle live, as soon as asked about his notoriously slow-moving 40, Rice claimed to have actually 4.4 speed.

To more debunk this, he obviously lost a action after suffering a knee injury in 1997 that ended his season, permitting him just two games that year. Element in that and also old age, and also it would indicate that had he yes, really ran a 4.7 by the turn of the century he would have actually been draw close 5.0 level in his 40.

Furthermore, Rice is often seen pulling away from DBs in his highlights and, believe it or not, he to be a vertical threat early on in his career.


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2. The Steelers have actually a bad offensive line

Well ns guess Steeler fans feel choose they need something come complain about. Critical year was one of their worst performances, but the O-line quiet ranked 19th, approximately the center of the pack.

In 2007 lock ranked 13th once again and also in 2006 lock ranked sixth statistically.

The just stat they have actually working against them is that they to be 31st in attempts between sacks last year. However on the various other hand, you have actually to think about they room responsible for the monster running game.

3. Icing the kicker works

I hate it once teams ice cream the kicker by call a time out. Part Kickers have also said they prefer it, together it offers them much more time come prepare mentally.

Another Raider example is the dreaded snow-job game. While the Raiders tried come "ice" the Patriots" kicker, the actually gave the o-line much more time to clear snow from the set down spot.

And guess: v what: he still make the kick!

4. Al Davis is the worst owner

Sure the has had a blemish top top his record the last six years, however his team is still one of the an ext successful overall. His team has actually never lost more than 14 gamings in a season and he has actually still won much more Super Bowls than the bulk of the other NFL owners.

Very couple of owners can even shot to compare.

5. Tom Brady won his first Super Bowl with no surname receivers

Maybe true to an extent, but you can"t argue trojan Brown was a bad receiver.

6. Happen rush is responsible for elite corners

This one is conveniently debunked utilizing The Raiders as an example:

They have the finest corner in football in Nnamdi Asmugha yet their average pass-rush was ranked 13th critical year.

7. Offense wins games

The peak scoring groups were the Saints, Cardinals, and Chargers. The merged records that the three last year was only one game above .500.

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8. Defense wins championships 

Well possibly this one has some reality to it. Yet I discovered an short article arguing versus it

9. NFL scheduling is unfair and my team constantly has a tough schedule

I listen this all the time and also people regularly act favor the NFL scheduling is the end to gain their particular team. However contrary to popular belief, all but two the the continuous season games are booked years in advance, while the various other two need to do through the divisional ranking the "your team" in addition to others.