Last main on Impact, Matt Hardy and Tyrus defeated Jeff Hardy and also TNA world Champion drew Galloway in the key event. This gave Matt the strength to choose the stipulations because that tonight’s main event. After the match, Bobby Lashley struck Drew and laid him out with two spears. Earlier in the night, Mike Bennett beat Ethan Carter III through disqualification.

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The other big news in TNA is all the backstage rumors and also drama that’s been circulating. It to be reported earlier in the week the TNA is “approaching the 11th hour.” The that company financial problems are acquiring worse, ratings aren’t ideal and significant names continue to leave the promotion. Dixie Carter has actually been conference with number of potential investors and also a major shake-up may be in TNA’s future.

On Tonight"s Show:

With TNA’s future unknown, the firm pushes forward through tonight’s Impact. In the main event, Matt will fight it out through his brother and also arch nemesis Jeff in one “I quit Match”. Additionally, all the Knockouts will confront off in a ladder enhance for manage of the Knockouts Division. Later on, Trevor Lee will safeguard his X division Title versus Eddie Edwards and DJ Z in a triple danger match.

Show Recap:

-We absent the night off with some Knockouts action. As Gail Kim provides her method to the ring, mock Matthews and also The Pope welcome united state to the affect Zone.

Ladder complement for regulate of the Knockouts Division: Knockouts Champion Jade vs. Gail Kim vs. Rebel vs. Marti Bell vs. Madison Rayne vs. Velvet sky vs. Maria Kanellis

The complement starts with all the Knockouts bordering Maria. She directly escapes the mob before any kind of harm have the right to be excellent to her. The Dollhouse went to carry in a ladder, but The Beautiful human being hit a slide drop kick sending out the ladder into The Dollhouse. Maria tried climbing the ladder, however Gail made sure she no get very far. Jade took out everyone with the ladder. Eventually, Gail made a comeback. Gail climbed the ladder till Maria pulled her off and also slapped her. Gail chased Maria up the ramp, however Rosemary and also Decay were there in wait, attack Gail and taking her to the back. Gail is apparently out of the match.

Marti Bell nailed Jade with a sick powerbowb turn off the ladder. Velvet was close to the peak of the ladder once Maria knocked her off with a kendo stick. Maria climbed increase the ladder and also pulled under the contract. Maria is currently in control of the Knockouts Division. Mike Bennett came out come celebrate through Maria ~ the match.

- In the back, Galloway is hurting from Lashley’s attack last week. Attracted is figured out to walk the ring and call out Lashley.

- ago from commercial, Maria and also Bennett continued to celebrate her win. Maria promises changes in the Knockouts department starting following week.

- next we see degeneration creeping v the building. Rosemary carries Gail on she shoulders. Josh said that degeneration is “abducting” Gail… Josh need to probably speak to the police.

- attracted is in the ring. He recapped Lashley attacking him last week. Attracted was really good here as he was selling the beating from critical week, playing up his tapped up ribs. Drew said the physicians hadn’t clearing him come wrestle, yet he’s always looking for a struggle calling out Lashley in the process. So, of course, Rockstar Spud comes the end instead. Spud said he can beat Drew, but doesn’t want a match, and also then started ranting about tonight being the critical night we’re walk to watch Jeff Hardy.

Not sure if this is intentional, yet Spud consistently rubbed his nose and sniffled choose a drug addict. Spud brings the end Tyrus who claims that attracted is hiding behind a doctor’s note. Drew and Tyrus agree to a title complement next week. Spud and also Tyrus finish up beating down Drew. Spud go to obtain a chair, yet missed when he tried throwing the in the ring. This acquired an audible laugh from the crowd. Tyrus gave drew the Vader bomb with a chair draped throughout Drew.

- In the back, Reby and Matt cut a promo hyping tonight’s “I Quit” main event.

- Someplace in the building, Rosemary holds an unconscious Gail Kim if Crazzy Steve and Abyss was standing in the background. Rosemary talked about Chess and also said they’re going to use Gail to gain what they want. This came off together a creepy and also questionable angle.

X department Champion Trevor Lee w/Gregory Shane Helms vs. Eddie Edwards vs. DJ Z

Back in the arena and all three men are already in the ring. No one of them got an entrance. Trevor access time a earlier suplex top top DJ Z top top the apron. Suddenly, Eddie hits a sweet dive v the ropes ~ above Lee. Shane traction DJ Z to the outside and knocks him out. Eddie climbed to the top, but Shane distracted the referee. Suddenly, Andrew Everett appeared and shoved Eddie turn off the top. At first, Josh didn’t understand who that was. Trevor pinned Edwards to maintain the title. After the match, Everett, Lee and also Helms beat under Eddie and also DJ Z.

- In the back, Eric Young and Bram are on their way to the ring. EY promise the he’s walking to change wrestling forever.

- back from commercial, Helms and also Lee officially presented Andrew Everett. They’re a brand-new faction known as “The Helms Dynasty”.

- “King the The Mountain” Champion Eric Young and also Bram room in the ring. EY states he no everyone in the back and nobody can beat him for the KOTM Title. EY claims he’s sick of TNA sucking up to human being like attracted Galloway, and announces the he’s done through TNA and also is leaving through the KOTM title. EY says “I Quit. Me and Bram are leaving.” EY goes come leave, however Bram doesn’t monitor him. EY demands Bram monitor him. Bram states he’s noble of EY. EY tells Bram to stay and also calls him a loser. EY goes come leave, however Bram challenges EY for the title. Bram says, he no think EY “has the balls.” EY kicks Bram low and gives the the pile driver. EY bring away a pair the scissors and say’s he is the only one permitted to have a beard. EY then cut off part of Bram’s beard.

- Jeff is presented in the back putting top top his face paint and also getting prepared for tonight"s key event.

- Bennett and Maria are in the ring. Mike is going to tell united state a fairy tale. Basically, Ethan Carter III is a prince and also The miracle is a white knight. Bennett took all of EC3’s power once he to win him last week. He says the human being are personally of The Kingdom… of Miracles. The catchiest music in wrestling hits and also EC3 comes under to the ring. EC3 points the end that he shed by disqualification. EC3 says he and also Mike have a lot of in common. They both have great taste in women other than Mike likes red heads and also EC3 is right into brunettes. He says they both work out tough in the gym except EC3 never skips foot day…OH SNAP! castle both also want to it is in the confront of TNA. EC3 challenges The Miracle, but he decreases a rematch. EC3 reminds united state that he has actually never to be pinned or submitted. They ultimately agree to have a “No DQ” enhance next week.

- Someplace in the building, the creepy and also strange angle through Decay and Gail Kim continues. Gail is awake, however tied up. Rosemary say’s they’ll let her go once they gain what they want. Obviously it is attention, chaos and also gold. 

- Al eye is in the ring and also rips ~ above the fans and also the Internet. He says there to be time they i will not ~ let simply anyone in a ring. Al plan on teaching Mahabali Shera a lesson.

Al snow vs. Mahabali Shera

Mahabali come out with a purpose and also no dancing. Al restrict Shera in the early moments that the match. Al bring away a mic and cuts a promo while he continues to beat under Shera. He invites fans to come in the ring. Shera it s okay fired up and makes a comeback. Shera sends Al to the outside, and upon landing, Al crawls under the ring. Shera looks for Al who sneaks up from behind and also knocks him the end of the ring. Al goes right into his tights and pulls the end a weapon. He knocks the end Shera because that the win.

- earlier to someplace in the building, decay promise come sacrifice Gail if castle don’t get what they want next week at “Sacrifice.”

- In the production truck, Eli Drake talks about dummies and all the dummies in TNA. The whole suggest of this segment is therefore Eli deserve to announce his brand-new talk show debuting next week, “Facts the Life.”

- Decay pertains to the ring through Gail Kim, that is tho tied up. Rosemary cuts a promo talking about chess and also puppets. Rosemary is terrifying and also will cause nightmares. Abyss states the just thing that have the right to save Gail is Beer Money. Beer Money come out however Abyss claims not come come any kind of closer or Rosemary will certainly “snap Gail’s pretty tiny neck.” Basically, decay took Gail hostage so they could get a shot at the tags titles. Beer Money agrees come the match for next week. That appears pretty extreme to gain a location shot.

-In the back, Bram is irate and challenges EY to a complement for next week.


I quit Match: Jeff durable vs. Matt Hardy

Matt and Jeff traded shots to begin the match. Lock go back and forth v the story being the they understand each various other so well. Mock reminds united state that pin falls don’t count. Jeff locks ~ above a number four foot lock. Spud comes out to break up the hold. Jeff fights off Spud, yet gets blindsided by Matt. Jeff sends Matt over the guardrail and also into the crowd. Jeff leaped off of a chair to jump on Matt, but Matt chucked a chair into Jeff.

Back indigenous commercial, Matt has Jeff’s eight trapped in the barricade. Castle brawl in the crowd and also around the production table. Mock calls that “the forbidden zone” that the manufacturing area. In a really cool spot, Jeff went up a trip of stairs, then slide under the railing and hit Matt through a chair. Jeff locked top top a submission and Matt happen out. Of course the match isn’t over because Matt can not say i quit.

Jeff saw the really top the a trip of stairs. Josh and The Pope to speak it’s 30 or 40 feet. Jeff is up an extremely high in the affect Zone. Jeff hits the Swanton bomb top top Matt in a sick looking spot. They’re dealing with this favor a really serious injury come Matt. Jeff is okay, however Matt is being attended to be medics. Fans in the arena room stunned and shocked. They put a neck brace ~ above Matt and put the on a stretcher. Reby is screaming at the medics which acquisition a bit away from the realism of the angle. The show fades to black as Matt gets taken out on a stretcher.

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Next Time ~ above Impact:

Next main is a special edition of affect known together Sacrifice. The display will function a PPV caliber lineup and also promises come contain some significant happenings. TNA people Champion attracted Galloway will safeguard his title versus number one contender Tyrus, Ethan Carter III go one ~ above one with “Miracle” Mike Bennett in a no DQ match, Eric Young defends the King the the mountain title versus Bram. And last yet not least, TNA tag champions Beer Money placed their belts top top the line versus Decay.