It means "I love friend too" and is typically used to answer to who who just said to you "I love you". Therefore, it can be supplied for anyone who says to friend "I love you"!

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It means I love u too and it's a reply for 'I love u', you just use it as soon as you typical it!!


It way "I love girlfriend too" and also it deserve to either mean:

I love a certain person, and I love you together wellorI reciprocate her feelings and I love friend too


"Je t'aime aussi" means "I love girlfriend too".

Do not use it because that everyone, however as a parting expression in an affectionate conversation v someone friend love, specially a romantic partner.

In French you might add: "Je t'aime aussi, mon chéri." / "Je t'aime aussi, ma poule."

However, friend can also express it to a lover one like your mom. Remember the tune "Je t'aime, maman"

Tu me donnes toutes ta tendresse et tout ton amourEn tenant toutes tes promesses, jour après jourTu es ma pan la plus fidèleEt en femme toujours un modèleEt tout simplement je t'aime, maman

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