1  adj If friend say that something is nice, you median that you find it attractive, pleasant, or enjoyable. oft the v-link ADJ to-inf I think silk ties deserve to be fairly nice..., It"s nice come be right here together again..., We had a pretty meal through a party of champagne.  ♦ nicely  adv ADV after ~ v, ADV -ed/adj He"s just written a book, unique illustrated and also not also technical...  

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2  adj 
If friend say the it is quite of who to say or do something, you space saying that they are being kind and thoughtful. This is often used as a means of thanking someone. it v-link ADJ that n to-inf, v-link ADJ of n (=kind) It"s awfully pretty of you to come every this method to see me..., `How are your boys?"—`How pretty of you to ask."...  
3  adj 
If girlfriend say the someone is nice, you average that you favor them due to the fact that they are friendly and pleasant., (Antonym: unpleasant) He to be a quite fellow, really quiet and also courteous.  ♦ niceness  n-uncount Mr Pearce was fairly bowled end by his niceness, his concern and also his ordinariness.  
4  adj 
If you room niceto people, you room friendly, pleasant, or polite in the direction of them. v-link ADJ, oft ADJ to n She met Mr and Mrs Ricciardi, that were really nice come her.  ♦ nicely  adv ADV after ~ v He cure you an extremely nicely and also acted like a kind guy.  
5  adj 
When the weather is nice, it is warm and pleasant. He nodded come us and also said, `Nice weather we"re having."  
6  adj 
You can use nice to emphasize a details quality that you like. ADJ adj n, v-link ADJ and adj, ADJ and adv ~ v  (emphasis) With a quite dark colour, the alcohol is medium to complete bodied..., add the oats to thicken the mixture and also stir till it is nice and creamy...  
7  adj 
A nice allude or distinction is an extremely clear, precise, and also based on great reasoning. FORMAL Those room nice academic arguments, yet what about the instant future?  ♦ nicely  adv ADV after ~ v I think this puts the problem very nicely.  
8  adj 
You have the right to use nice once you space greeting people. For example, you can say `Nice to fulfill you", `Nice to have actually met you", or `Nice to watch you". it v-link ADJ to-inf  (formulae) Good morning. Nice to accomplish you and thanks because that being v us this weekend..., `It"s so nice to see you," stated Charles.  
 Someone that is nice-looking is physical attractive.  adj (=good-looking) I saw this nice-looking guy in a gray suit..., We acquired on very well and she was an extremely nice-looking.  

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