They’re two of the greatest rappers in the world, however separated virtually by a generation. Space Wiz Khalifa and also Snoop Dogg connected in any kind of way?

Wiz Khalifa is not regarded Snoop Dogg. There to be rumours that Wiz to be the nephew that Snoop Dogg, however this to be discredited and also debunked.

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Read on to learn much more about these two terrific performers.

Rapping throughout Generations

When Snoop Dogg was finding fame together an up and coming rapper, Wiz Khalifa was barely 5 years old. The lengthy Beach rapper, also known as Snoop Doggy Dogg, released his first album in 1993. That sold virtually a million copies in his first week ~ above the charts.

This essentially cemented Snoop as one of the key players in the i know good hop industry. Together a teenager, Snoop had fallen in with street gangs. He would certainly rap in the hallways in ~ school, illustration a considerable following.

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What High college Did Wiz Khalifa walk To?

He came to be an evident member of the Crips gang in lengthy Beach, but denied his affiliation frequently. After the left high school, he was in and also out of jail. Once attempting come straighten his life out, the performed a solo freestyle that finished up top top a mixtape. This mixtape coincidentally finished up in the place of the already-established Dr. Dre.

It to be Dr. Dre and also The D.O.C that would teach Snoop to better structure his lyrics. Together time go on, Snoop Dogg would come to be known as one of the best rappers. He linked himself with numerous artists and also collaborated through some substantial names.

By 2020, Snoop Dogg would be worth around $125 million. He’d released a staggering seventeen complete studio albums, and also collaborated on another seven. That starred in dozens the movies and also television shows, and also even voiced personalities in video clip games.

Wiz Khalifa, top top the various other hand, had actually an completely quite various upbringing and also early life. He to be born into a army family, and traveled the people with his parents as soon as he was young. He resided temporarily in the UK, Japan and Germany. Ultimately, the family worked out in Pittsburgh in 1996, as soon as Wiz was roughly nine year old.

It remained in Pittsburgh that Wiz began writing and performing his own lyrics. Together a teenager, he worked on his music and also tried to develop his more quickly songs. In 2004, he contributed towards a cooperation mixtape, earning him fist at simply sixteen years old.


In 2011, Snoop and Wiz starred with each other in a ‘stoner film’. The movie, title Mac and Devin walk to High School, featured both rappers in key roles. They worked together to produce the soundtrack for this movie, marking their first official collaboration.

Although Wiz had released a small collection the music before that point, Snoop to be an market legend. The two ended up being infamous because that their intake of marijuana. This commonality nearly bound the two together on occasion.

For example, in 2016 the pair starred in a bizarre illustration of Martha Stewart’s food preparation show. In this episode, the pair were food preparation chicken, along with Seth Rogan, while supposedly high. The episode was a hit, and an extremely entertaining by every accounts. You deserve to see this video clip on YouTube below.

In an article published in 2017, Snoop opens up about his cigarette smoking habits. In 2016, he and Wiz involved in a “smoke-off” on stage in Houston, Texas. Snoop emerged victorious, claiming the the only human being to ever before out exhilaration him to be Willie Nelson.

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Although lock bear more than a couple of similarities, lock aren’t related by blood or marriage. The 2 are just friends and also colleagues, v a mutual taste because that marijuana. In 2014, Snoop temporarily go by the moniker ‘Uncle Snoop’. As a result, he began calling many men his ‘nephew’. This could be where the man has occurred from.