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There space two methods to obtain smithing experience in OSRS:

By smelting ores right into bars, and smithing bars into items.

Anvils are just how those competent in the art of Smithing revolve their bars right into armour, arrow heads, and dart tips.

There are a bunch places across OSRS where you can uncover anvils. Some room in really useful locations, while others are an overwhelming to get and possibly a little annoying. I’d speak it’s always important to use a conveniently-placed anvil when training, that means you have the right to get more bars quickly and also keep her experience rates high!

But several of the much better anvils might not be whereby you think. Therefore let’s take a peek at some of the finest anvil locations, and also how to get to them!

5. Rusted Anvil in Lumbridge


Starting off out list is an entry for new players and F2P players.

The Rusted Anvil is situated inside Lumbridge, i m sorry is a one-of-a-kind anvil that have the right to only be supplied to make bronze items.

It’s conveniently situated by the furnace in Lumbridge too, meaning you can smelt and also smith bars an extremely quickly here!

This anvil is designed to teach players the basics the the smelting and smithing next of the skill, and as a result, it’s typically used through those who’ve just started OSRS.

It’s located two floors above the furnace, and is about 80 tiles away from the nearest bank.

I very recommend giving this place a shot if you’re new to the game and have however to discover how the skill works.

Just remember to take a hammer!

Where to Find: Just outside of the Lumbridge castle in the room above the furnace.

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4. Otto’s Grotto


This is one more “special anvil” top top this list, and it’s situated just above the barbaric outpost close to Otto’s Grotto.

This anvil is called a barbarian anvil.

It deserve to only be used to blacksmith spears and hastas, and also is among the only areas in every one of OSRS whereby this is possible (with the just other location being Barbarian town located external of Varrock).

With that said, you need to be a member to actually use this anvil.

And you have actually to likewise undergo barbaric training in ~ the Grotto, and be taught just how to make use of the anvil first. Therefore there’s a little of a grind to obtain here.

Plus there’s also a difficult diary task to blacksmith a rune hasta in ~ this anvil. This needs a minimum of level 90 smithing come do, for this reason it’s worth remembering this spot.

Where come Find: through Otto’s home near Otto’s Grotto.

3. Keldagrim Blast Furnace


Blast heater is one of the finest places to acquire smithing suffer in the entire game.

You deserve to smelt her bars and also even blacksmith them here, together there are 3 nearby anvils.

The anvils are also only 20 tiles far from a bank chest, do them several of the most conveniently placed options.

Just note that you’ll need at the very least level 60 smithing to usage them.

Many can be fried ironmen and also regular ironmen manipulate the shop in ~ the Blast Furnace, which sells ores, and also is constantly restocking.

Players can buy ores, smelt them, and also then blacksmith them all in the very same location.

Ultimate ironmen will uncover this technique easily gives some the the ideal experience for smithing.

Where come Find: In the city of Keldagrim, friend will need to finish the pursuit “The giant Dwarf”. There’s an anvil inside the top quality Armour Shop right here as well.

2. Western Varrock


Now this is one of the most frequently used anvils the end there.

It’s only 10 tiles from the Varrock west bank, and is also obtainable to both members and also non-members.

The anvil is not locked behind any content, though. So you can get over to it even in the beforehand game.

You’ll constantly see this anvil is populated on every human being with players running in between it and the bank.

I recommend this spot to anyone who’s looking for something quickly accessible.

Where come Find: Just outside of Varrock west bank in the building directly the opposite it.

1. South Prifddinas


My number one pick in the game is the anvil located in the south eastern corner of Prifddinas.

Reason being that it’s actually the closest to a bank (only 9 tiles away), beating the Varrock anvil by a solitary tile!

The south Prifddinas clues is additionally the the next anvil to a furnace, because the furnace here is directly opposite the anvil.

So this is among the only areas in OSRS whereby a heating system + anvil is so straightforward to access!

But v that said, unlocking this anvil is no straightforward task.

You have to finish the Grandmaster pursuit Song the the Elves.

This quest is among the hardest in the game, but it rewards friend with access to convenient contents (such as this anvil).

Since the quest has actually a smithing need of level 70, this is a soft need for making usage of this heater as well.

Where come Find: friend can access this anvil after completing track of the Elves in the southern edge of Prifddinas

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