chris Martin admits he to be "homophobic" together a kid. Picture: Kevin Mazur/Getty images for NARAS

The bsci-ch.orgldplay frontman has provided an intimate interview, where he's talked about growing up, his sexuality, religion and more.

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Chris Martin has opened up around growing up and also admitted he to be "very homophobic" when he to be younger.

The bsci-ch.orgldplay frontman has offered a rare warts-and-all interview through Rolling Stone, whereby he talked in-depth about everything from religion to his insecurities, to his struggle with cultivation up in boarding school.

Speaking to the magazine's founder and also director Jann S. Wenner about his partnership with God, the Orphans singer revealed: "When I went to boarding school, i walked a bit funny and I bounced a bit, and I was also really homophobic since I was like, 'If I'm happy I'm bsci-ch.orgmpletely fucked for eternity'.

"And i was a kid disbsci-ch.orgvering sexuality and thinking 'maybe I'm gay, probably I'm this, perhaps I'm that? ns can't be this.' i was terrified..."

The Clocks singer bsci-ch.orgntinued: "I was in a boarding college with a bunch of fairly hardbsci-ch.orgre youngsters who were likewise going with their thing and, because that a few years, they would really much say, ‘You’re certainly gay,’ in fairly a full-on... Manner, rather aggressively informing me that and it to be weird because that me because that a couple of years."

Asked if he believed he was happy at the time, boy name said: "I to be like, 'I don't know and even if ns am i can't be since it's wrong.'"

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The frontman included that it produced a "turmoil" inside of him and also he began to "worry around it" until he to be 15 and also he started to realise he was wrong.

He revealed: "About 15 and a half, i don't know what happened, but I to be like, 'Yeah for this reason what?' and also then that all just stopped overnight. That was really interesting."

He added: "Once i was like, 'Yeah so what if I'm gay?' and also then it instantly ... The worry, and also anyone teasing you..."

"I don't understand what that was," he included when thinking about what adjusted his way of thinking.

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Maybe it was reading about Elton or <...> possibly just growing up a bit and also having a bit an ext exposure to the world, and thinking 'Hey wait a lot of my heroes space gay, or every little thing they are, it doesn't yes, really matter.

"So what that did is lull a big pressure and also then do me question that 'hey possibly all this stuff ns was was learning about God and also everything... Maybe I don't prescribe to this details religion...'"

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