My concern is as the title would certainly ask, is the steam that comes off boiling water hot than stated water. Ns thought around this together I just made tea in ~ work and also coming under the stairs holding mine tea ~ above the bottom, it began burning mine hand so i switched come the top fifty percent (only filled that halfway) and also it seemed hotter. Now I figured it would certainly be a little hotter as hot stuff rises, however I wasn’t expecting the to that degree.

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Two issues... (Or three)

When liquid water boils, the heavy steam is the same temperature as the liquid.

But the vapor may be heated further.

But... Vapor at 100 deg contains much more heat than liquid water in ~ the very same T. T is the same, yet one has an ext heat -- the heat used to vaporize it. So, yeah, vapor at 100 will certainly burn girlfriend worse than liquid water at 100.

Steam produced from a cup the tea cannot be a greater temperature 보다 the tea itself- they are the very same temperature in ~ the surface of the water. Girlfriend can't move warmth from a short temperature come a greater temperature without doing work. This is in reality a statement identical to the 2nd law that thermodynamics, however showing the is a little complicated. Anyway, despite all this, the heavy steam does indeed have an ext energy 보다 the water, due to the fact that a many of power is required to evaporate the water. Therefore, the vapor will feel hotter due to the fact that it condenses on your skin and releases a lot much more heat once it does so than just liquid water. Further, when the vapor condenses, the resulting water is simply as hot as the water, and so you obtain a "double dose" the heat.

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Other comments are talking about hotter steam and distinctions in heating price creating greater steam temperatures, yet honestly if the steam is always in call with the water in ~ the source of heating, it is no really probable that you would have any vapor whatsoever that's at a higher temperature 보다 the water in ~ the same depth. The Leidenfrost suggest is the term for once the rate of heating reasons a class of superheated vapor form at the heating surface. Unless you have actually this going on (which you certainly don't in a tea kettle- it would certainly boil end well before that point), friend don't yes, really have significant temperature distinctions in a pot of boil water.