It's not unusual for great athletes to operation in the family — Eli and Petyon Manning, Venus and also Serena Williams, Kobe and also Joe Bryant, Muhammad and Laila Ali, and brothers Justin and Melvin Upton. 

The list goes on and on. Invariably what happens, however, is that once a sports star renders a name for themselves, human being go on come assume that anyone else through their very same last surname must have actually some form of familial link with them. 

This is why NFL pan are now asking if Zack Moss is regarded the iconic Randy Moss?

One the the many celebrated and respected wide receivers in the NFL's recent history, Randy Moss made a name for himself together a standout player for the Minnesota Vikings, who then went on to play for the Oakland Raiders, new England Patriots, together with the Tennessee Titans, and also finally the mountain Francisco 49ers before retiring.

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Currently, Randy is an on-air sporting activities analyst whereby his affable personality, but likewise deep knowledge and experience of playing the video game at its highest possible level has actually endeared him to NFL fans anywhere the country. Plenty of would argue the Randy is the greatest wide receiver the sport's ever seen: he at this time holds the NFL's single-season touchdown reception record (23 chuck TDs in 2007) and also the league's single-season touchdown reception document for a rookie (17 in 

But it's not like Randy simply arrived in ~ the NFL and also started raising all species of proverbial hell over the field, Randy was constantly committed come the game from a young age. That earned All-America honors while play for Marshall University, and also prior come enrolling in college, the West Virginia native likewise showed prowess in track, baseball, and also basketball.

This is exactly how #RandyMoss readjusted the game. For the younger crowd, He was Tyreek hill, however 6'4 and also could jump out of a stadium. And had the football IQ the a Quarterback.

— MiLLa (

In 1994, he to be awarded West Virginia's football player the the year and he assisted to lead the DuPont Panthers come consecutive state championships in 1992 and also 1993. He was also named player of the year in basketball as well and also played alongside previous Sacramento monarchs icon, White chocolate himself, Jason Williams.

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Randy, in his an elderly basketball season, capped his career at 1,713 points, and he average 30.2 points, 13.7 rebounds, 5.1 steals, 3.8 blocks, and also 3.1 assists; all while shoot 60% off the hardwood.

Randy Moss could have been the finest receiver in NFL history, if he'd tried as difficult as Jerry Rice did; the reality that Moss didn't should typical something