Potassium sulfide represented by the chemistry formula K2S is a compound of potassium and sulfur that is moderately soluble in acids <1>. That is deliquescent and may spontaneously ignite in air. The is a reduce agent and an ionic compound <4>.

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Potassium Sulfide

Potassium Sulfide Identification

CAS Number1312-73-8 <1>
PubChem CID20072150 <3>
ChemSpider ID142491 <2>
EC Number215-197-0 <1>

Composition and also Synthesis

Potassium sulfide have the right to be prepared by an initial treating potassium hydroxide to excess hydrogen sulfide to form potassium hydrosulfide (KHS). More treatment that KHS through the very same amount of potassium hydroxide generates potassium sulfide <9>.

KOH + H2S = KHS + H2O


Potassium Sulfide Formula

Properties and also Characteristics that Potassium Sulfide

General Properties

Molar mass/molecular weight71.158 g/mol <3>

Physical Properties

Color/appearanceWhite come yellow flour <4>
Melting point/freezing point840°C, 1544°F <1>
Boiling point912°C, 1674°F <1>
Density 1.80 g cm-3 <1>
State of matter at room temperature (normal phase)Solid <1>

Chemical Properties

Solubility in waterN/A <1>
pH>7 (basic) <5>

Atomic Properties

Crystal structureTetrahedral <6>


Potassium Sulfide Structure


Lewis Dot structure for Potassium Sulfide

Prominent reactions of K2S

Potassium sulfide reacts v cobalt iii bromide to produce cobalt iii sulfide and potassium bromide <10>.

3K2S + 2CoBr3 = Co2S3 + 6KBr

Potassium sulfide reacts v dilute hydrochloric acid to produce potassium chloride and hydrogen sulfide <11>.

K2S + 2HCl = 2 KCl + H2S

It reaction with focused sulfuric acid to provide potassium bisulfate, sulfur dioxide, sulfur and water <13>

K2S + 3H2SO4 = 2KHSO4 + SO2 + S + 2H20

The compound reacts through silver nitrate to kind aqueous potassium nitrate and also silver sulfide precipitate <12>.

K2S + 2AgNO3 = 2KNO3 + Ag2S

Potassium Sulfide Uses

In pyrotechnics <7>.As a reagent in analysis chemistry <4>.As a depilatory and also medicine <4>.

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Is that Dangerous

It may cause a fire hazard, for this reason precautions must be taken no to lug it in call with air. In the kind of powder or dust, that is explosive. Ingestion, inhalation and also skin contact may an outcome in severe injury and even death. It likewise harmfully affects the eyes and also skin leading to eye damage and also skin burns. Hence all call should be avoided. That emits toxic fumes if heated come decomposition <4>. The is of a corrosive nature and also poisonous because that the environment <8>.