We use it in many food recipes, almost every gardener grow it in his garden, we can eat every part of it, is healthy whether it is life or cooked, plus consuming it brings us plenty of health benefits. What is it?

You guessed, it is the onion.

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I don’t understand if you have realized the importance of onions in our lives, yet these vegetables space indispensable in the home of each of us.

Wait! walk I simply refer come onions as vegetables? Aren’t onions in reality fruits? Or roots, or bulbs?

Well, that’s the an excellent question the today.

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Is one onion a vegetable or a fruit? Or miscellaneous else?

But before diving into the facts, allow me phone call you just how I got into this dilemma.

While i was randomly browsing the substantial Internet a few days ago, i stumbled top top a conversation forum where a few people were heavily debating even if it is onions room vegetables or fruits.

I uncovered this topic pretty intriguing since I have always referred come onions as vegetables.

I don’t know around you yet I have constantly associated the onions with the vegetables and also I uncover onions in the vegetable ar of the grocery store once I go shopping.

But simply as the tomato are thought about fruits indigenous the botanical suggest of view and not vegetables due to the fact that they are developed from a flower and contain seeds, i might additionally be wrong about onions.

To help us understand whether we have to classify onions as fruit or vegetables, us must an initial see what room the differences between fruits, vegetables, roots, and bulbs.


Is an Onion A Root?

It should be root, right? ~ all, it grow in the ground, isn’t it?

Kidstir, a website around kids cooking, refers to onions in among its short articles as root vegetables.

So what precisely is a source vegetable?

Here’s Wikipedia’s definition of root vegetables:

Root vegetables room underground plant parts eaten by humans as food. Return botany distinguishes true roots (such together taproots and also tuberous roots) from non-roots (such as bulbs, corms, rhizomes, and also tubers, although some contain both hypocotyl and also taproot tissue), the ax “root vegetable” is applied to every these types in farming and cook usage.


Consequently, it seems ok to refer to onions as “root vegetables” if you space a chef or a gardener, yet I’m an ext interested in the botanical allude of view.

So let view if indigenous a botanical standpoint we deserve to categorize onion as a fruit.

Is an Onion A Fruit?

First, let’s see what is the meaning of a fruit. Let’s head to our friend, Wikipedia because that that.

In botany, a fruit is a seed-bearing structure in flowering plants developed from the ovary ~ flowering.


So based on the over definition, deserve to an onion be in reality a fruit?

Not really!

Onions (the component inside the ground) do not include seeds, nor they form directly indigenous a flower.

Here’s what the Onion web page on CreationWiki says about the reproduction procedure of onions.

Onions reproduce either through seeds or through bulbils (little bulbs) that type from lateral buds.


Therefore, nobody of these meanings seem to encompass onions in the fruit category.

So perhaps an onion is a vegetables after all.

Is an Onion A Vegetable?

Let’s see what us can find out from the definition of a vegetable.

The vegetables Research and Information facility of the college of California, Davis defines a vegetable together following:

A vegetable is the edible section of a plant. Vegetables space usually group according come the portion of the plant that is consumed such as pipeline (lettuce), stem (celery), root (carrot), tubers (potato), bulbs (onion) and also flowers (broccoli).


Although i think this definition of a vegetable is a little bit vague, they offer us the perfect example of onions together bulbs.

Let’s get earlier to our key enigma though.

So, a simpler an interpretation of a vegetable would certainly be “a vegetables is any edible component of a plant, other than for the fruit.” Otherwise, we can assume that fruit are likewise vegetables.

Therefore, from what we understand so far, we deserve to say the onion is a bulb.

Still, over there is one trouble left. Us can also consume the leaves of the onion. Therefore, us cannot categorize the full plant as a bulb.

Is one Onion A Bulb?

I uncovered an exciting answer native Abhishek Mishra ~ above Quora.

Basically, Abhishek declared that onions room actually a mix of stem and also scale leaves.

He also said that the stem of onion is discoid (disc-shaped) and it is one underground change of the stem which drops under the group of a bulb.

This price confirms the fact that the fleshy edible component of an onion that grows in the ground is a bulb.

That to be a an excellent explanation the the structure of the bulb, yet I think it would be wrong to describe the onion plant solely as a bulb.


After all this research, i think it’s time because that conclusions.

So, is onion a fruit, a vegetable, a root, or a bulb, or noþeles else?

Well, i think it relies on the context. Root and bulb are simply parts the the full onion plant, as with the leaves.

I view “fruits” and also “vegetables” like wider classifications of the edible plant parts.

Therefore, since the leaves are likewise edible, ns think it would be dorn to describe the onion (the entire plant) as a bulb, however we can say a pear of onion once we refer particularly to the fleshy component of the onion plant that grows in the ground.

In conclusion, due to the fact that it go not meet the definition of fruit and we can not say that the entirety plant is a pear (as it likewise has edible leaves), we have the right to categorize onions as vegetables.

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What is your opinion? leaving a comment below.

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