Jet Li is a Chinese film actor, film producer, martial artist, and also retired Wushu champion that was born in Beijing. He is a nature Singaporean citizen.

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The transcript listed below is from the video clip “Jet Li Talks about Bruce Lee. Honest Comment!” by BruceLeeRealFight.

BruceLeeRealFight (YouTube Channel):

“Welcome to BruceLeeRealFight Channel. Jet Li or Li Lianjie is a Chinese martial artist and also film actor. He began to practice Wushu or few of you may speak to it Kung Fu or martial arts, once he to be eight-years old. He climate joined the Beijing Wushu Team with his coach Wu Bin. Jet Li master several formats of martial arts, specifically Changquan (known as Northern lengthy Fist Style) and Fanzi Quan (Tumbling Fist).”

BruceLeeRealFight (YouTube Channel):

“He has also mastered various other martial arts consisting of Baguazhang (Eight trigram palm), Tai Chi Quan, Xing Yi Quan (Shape-Intent Fist), Zui Quan (Drunken Fist). Yes, the one played by Jackie Chan; Ying Zhao Quan (Eagle nipper Fist) and Tanglang Quan (Praying Mantis Fist). On top of that, Jet Li also mastered Wushu’s key weapons such as san jie gun (Three-Section Staff) and straight sword.”

BruceLeeRealFight (YouTube Channel):

“After a couple of years that training, Jet Li competed versus adults in the Chinese Wushu Championships and won 15 yellow medals end the years. If you desire to ask, have the right to Jet Li fight because that real? The price is yes! end the years, Jet Li has actually been request a couple of times about Bruce Lee. The has given his ethical comment about Bruce Lee in public for a couple of times. Let’s hear to what this Wushu champion said about Bruce Lee.”


(Scene indigenous a speak show)

Talk display host:

“Are you agreed v Jeet Kune do by Bruce Lee?”

Jet Li (Chinese film actor, movie producer, martial artist, and retired Wushu champion):

 “Bruce Lee is a good martial artist. Traditional Chinese martial artist are really close-minded. They just limit themselves to one specific martial arts style and also they save saying their own layout is the best. Yet for Bruce Lee, for example, the trained nunchucks and Wu in his film. Nunchucks is not a weapon from Chinese Kung Fu since the weapons from Chinese Kung Fu room San jie gun, which has three sections.”

BruceLeeRealFight (YouTube Channel):

“The one used by Bruce Lee has only 2 sections (nunchucks), due to the fact that Bruce Lee learned that from a martial artist indigenous Philippines. Speaking about Bruce Lee’s sidekicks, that is very similar to the kicks indigenous Taekwondo and Karate. Bruce’s measures are similar to dancing and his movements are very comparable to Muhammad Ali. His punching layout is soup Chun. In a nutshell, Bruce Lee linked all the good stuff from every martial art style he offered to learn and put these with each other to develop Jeet Kune Do. Of course, that is likewise well-known because that his philosophy other than martial arts.”

Another video clip of Jet Li talks about Bruce Lee

Jet Li (Chinese film actor, film producer, martial artist, and retired Wushu champion):

“I know Bruce Lee only made four and also a half movies. You space able to see his personality inside his action movies. And, you room able to watch his an individual life, daily life and that that knew each duty very intimately and also their within nature. Perhaps, this is the one reason why that is for this reason successful.”

Jet Li’s Martial Arts to teach Session 

Jet Li (Chinese movie actor, movie producer, martial artist, and retired Wushu champion):

“Now, you shot to relocate your hand naturally like marching and also then include some strength from your core muscle. It becomes a powerful punching. Currently raise her leg naturally like marching through strength. It i do not care a kick.”

BruceLeeRealFight (YouTube Channel):

“So what carry out you think after listening come what Jet Li said around Bruce Lee? Please carry out not hesitate to provide your honest comment around this video. Cheers! you re welcome LIKE, Share, subscribe & Ring the notification bell! many thanks for watching!”

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