Today ns took mine Jeep out without the doors because that a drive, prefer I have been doing because that the past couple of weeks, and I obtained pulled end by a cop. This to be the first time I'd been pulled over v my doors off however I have passed around 30 various other police officers this week. Ns was wondering if anyone in PA or an ext specifically the Pittsburgh area had any kind of experiences v this. Ns had found this link to an amendment to the invoice making that illegal too but ns wasn't around to argue with him today.

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Haven’t heard that. It’s simply the mirrors that room the issue. Maybe he’s simply not fine informed. Ns surprised they’d stop you for that. In the present state of chaos, I’d think they’d let these species of points slide.

If it is part weird law, the foolish. How do you justification motorcycles at that point?

There are a couple of an extremely long threads around this on several of the Jeep court I'm on. Bottom line appears to be the it's illegal to eliminate the doors the automobile was manufactured with, and apparently the reality that they're design to it is in removable won't get you turn off the hook.

There room two or three counties which reportedly don't force it, but practically all rather do, and also the state police certainly do. The threads have actually lots of input indigenous Jeep-owning LEOs confirming all of that.

Sucks, an especially considering the huge Jeep Jamboree is held up there.

I have actually never been stopped yet through a cop but, was told the aslong together your not being a dick around an have actually side mirrors , they leave you alone. I live in PA Poconos I acquired them cheap small round mirrors an just stuck castle on the vents, when doors off just angle castle to check out an I'm good.

The law reads the you cannot run it on roads exceeding a post 55 MpH limit. So also if the road had a speed limit of 55, you’re good.

There is additionally a section that reads the vehicle shall have opening and also closing doors unless it was produced without a roof or sides. If you don’t have a optimal on, ns guess you have no roof. So....

I took that together if the road has actually a rate limit over 55mph girlfriend can't drive it without doors.

If it was especially the vehicle speed it would say something along the currently of "shall no operate in excess of 55mph".

I'm in PA and it's my understanding that you can be cited or warned because that driving doorless.

most cops ignore it uneven you don't have mirrors.

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Right, ns was just saying windshield,mirrors and bumpers are certainly safety comes to (when missing), but doors don’t autumn under that group IMO...thnx for her input, I evaluate the education.!!

What part of Pittsburgh? i have heard Monroeville enforces it yet I’ve checked out lots without doors elsewhere roughly the city.