Grandniece and also great-niece space interchangeable terms that explain the daughter of a person's niece or nephew. Grandniece aligns more traditionally through the term grandson, yet "great" in the expression great-niece way one generation removed, according to the website Grammarphobia.

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Vitor that doesn't make feeling in terms of lineage. A father becomes a grand then a an excellent grandfather as generations are born. It should by rights use the same with aunt's and also uncles in the same fashion. Cousins job-related as first gen climate 2nd, 3rd, and also so on. You could want to ask someone who studies family tree for the correct definition

* is completely logical that it would certainly be a an excellent Grandniece... One is no a Grandmother till their Grand child . One is no a an excellent Grand child until one has a The Grand kid as a Child... It follows that would a natural means to understand the lineage.Adriene Hawkes


Adriene- good grandniece? No. She's one of two people my grand niece or my great niece - you've regulated to totally skip a generation and I just cannot monitor the logic, shot as i might. I'm only trying to find out what I speak to the daughter of my nephew. That is either "grand niece" or "great niece" and you've in which method gone right to "great grandniece" followed by one insistence that this is this just natural, reasonable conclusion. She's either an excellent or cool to me, ns still haven't found a perfect answer as to which is correct. She is only a great grand nephew if she has actually a great-great aunt. Unfortunately, she only has consistent and great aunts who space living. So she is either my cool niece or my good niece. Also, huh??? re: "One is no a an excellent Grand kid until one has actually a The Grand child as a Child... " are you related to Donald Trump since I swear this reads like one of his tweets and/or "speeches"


Hi Lauren, maybe this will help you. Both are interchangeable, and it yes, really is approximately you, i m sorry one you want to use. Hope this clears it up, for you. “The daughter of one's nephew or nephew is traditionally described as one of two people a grand niece or good niece. Both room widely taken into consideration correct, together the kid is one added step removed from the individual in question. Similarly, the aunt of one's parent is typically considered to be a an excellent aunt, if the uncle that a person's parental is referred to as a an excellent uncle.”


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