No doubt did you do it heard one item of advice much more than any kind of other as soon as it involves test-taking: “If you should guess ~ above a multiple selection test, constantly pick C.”

But is the popularity of this strategy one indication the its efficacy? execute you have actually a much better chance at gaining points if you guess C on her SAT inquiries in to compare toany various other guessing strategy? and also if not, what have the right to you do to boost your odds when guessing?

Let’s look in ~ the facts.

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Why You need to Answer Every concern on the SAT

First things first: the old sat is dead and gone, and also so is any kind of guessing penalty. You will certainly not it is in penalized for acquiring a wrong answer on the SAT, so make certain to never leave a concern blank!

For every exactly answer friend choose, you’ll earn one point, and for every blank or wrong answer, you’ll earn zero points. If friend don"t know solution and guess that wrong, you"ll obtain the same number of points the you would certainly have had actually you left it blank (zero). And if friend guess the inquiry right, you"ll earn yourself one point!

Of course, guessing is quiet a critical resort, sinceit’s always much better to shot to find the exactly answer very first whenever possible. However sometimes you’ll have actually no selection but to guess and also that"swhere guessing strategy is key.

There space two main species of guessing—educated guessing and blind guessing—and you’ll have actually to figure out which one come use based upon the instance you discover yourself in.

So let"s breakdown how and also when to go around making each form of guess.

Educated Guessing

An educated guess is a guess based upon some lot of reason and understanding, even if it is it be large or small. Typically, an educated guess way you’re maybe to eliminate one or much more answer optionsor estimate a reasonable ballpark variety in i beg your pardon the correct answer have the right to lie.

For instance, you have the right to make an education guess if you:

Understand the gist the a question, but don"t have actually the time to work-related through the completelyUnderstand components of a question, but don’t fairly know just how to occupational through it completelyAre torn between a few answer options, but have some idea of what the answer deserve to or can’t be

For example, let"s look in ~ an satellite math problem:


If you"re not acquainted with either the coordinate aircraft or slopes, or you just don"t think you deserve to solve this problem for any type of reason, then you can at least make an education guess and also increase your opportunities of choose the correct answer. It"s all too easy to panic and also choose one obviously dorn answerwhen you"re taking a marathon test choose the SAT, so shot to take it a beat and also think strategically before you to fill in a bubble.

In a geometry problem like this, figures will usually be attracted to scale unless there"s a certain line of message that states otherwise. If you understand that works with are written as (x, y), then you recognize that p represents the worth along the x-axis. (And if friend didn"t understand this, then you have the right to still infer it by seeing that the suggest (p, 0) has a rise of 0, which way thatp need to be the value along the x-axis, not the y-axis.)

You can instantly eliminate answer selections A and B, due to the fact that they will be too little to same p. Why? Ifyou eyeball wherein the -5 is follow me the x-axis and place a stormy approximate in ~ the opposite side on +5, you"ll watch why you deserve to cross turn off A and also B right away.


C or D have to be the correctanswer since they room the only answer options where p is higher than 5. And, due to the fact that the estimated location because that +5 looks about halfway between 0 and also p, Dis more than likely the best guess in between the 2 options.

Blind Guessing

The 2nd category the guesswork is remote guessing, which is a guess based much more on possibility than top top reason.

It"s time to make a remote guess if you:

Come up against a question and also have absolutely no clue where to beginAreabout to operation out that time and also still have actually questions left to answer

If you can’t eliminate any kind of answer alternatives (or don’t also have the time to check out the question), friend just have to fill in an answer bubble and keep going. Leaving a question blank is tantamount come throwing your points away, so friend may as well fill in something.

But when you need to make a blind guess like this (or multiple remote guesses), are you better off choosing C than any type of other prize choice? Let"s see.

Having a strategy makes any type of journey easier, and it"s no exceptionfor the SAT

Fact or Fiction: Is C the Most typical Answer top top the SAT?

If it were true that you"re much better off picking C than any type of other letter, itwould median that correct answer options weren"t randomly assigned.After all, if the answer secrets were randomized, why must C be any kind of more most likely to it is in the best answer than any type of other letter option?

Now, true randomization will depend on the kind of check in question. Someof your high institution teachers likely style their tests by hand, which way that your answer keys will no be statistically random. No matter just how much her teachers may shot to randomize your choices, human beings are not random and cannot correctly randomize a series. For instance, a truly random sampling will certainly actually develop bizarre strings of patterns—six B’s in a row, or twenty inquiries without a D—and most human being do not (or cannot) produce these patterns once they try their ideal to be “random.”

Fortunately or unfortunately, this is not the situation on the SAT. Unlike numerous of the exam you take in high school, SAT answer secrets are fully computer generated. and computers are very great at gift random. Every answer choice on the satellite will have a statistically even distribution of 1 in 4 for each answer an option letter, A, B, C, or D.

In other words? There is no most usual answer top top the SAT.

Ultimately, guessing C (or any letter!) will offer you the exactly answer only a statistical 25% of the time. Which way it"s not true that choosing C will offer you a far better rate the success 보다 choosing any kind of other letter for your remote guessing.

What to do, then?

So exactly how Should girlfriend Guess?

If C isn"t the most common answer top top the SAT, then how should girlfriend guess? The truth is, that when it comes to making remote guesses, that doesn"t issue which letter friend pick, only that friend stick come the one you select every time you do a blind guess.

The best strategy, and also the one that will maximize your overall allude gain, is come pick her favorite letter and also fill the in for every remote guess. Whether the letter is A, B, C, or D doesn"t matter—just be sure to stick through it every solitary time.

So, if you prefer it best, then absolutely go best ahead and choose C to be your designated letter! (Just don"t suppose C to it is in abetteranswer selection than A, B, or D.)

But perhaps youthinkthat this strategy soundsillogical. Why would certainly you be much better off filling in the same letter over and also over again instead of law your best to create a random guess spread? stop see.


Why Does difficult to One Letter increase Your Odds of Guessing the appropriate Answer?

Sticking by the very same letter for every remote guess won’t rise your possibilities of getting any kind of one specific question correct, yet it will maximize your total allude gain potential. Why? since people no random. If you’re make your own "random" blind guesses in a spread, you’ll virtually certainly minimize your in its entirety guessing odds. Your finest attempt at arbitrarily guessing deserve to never replicate computer-generated randomness.

By sticking to your very same designated letter as soon as making blind guesses, you are re-introducing an aspect of randomness and also maximizing your possibilities for success over time.

Let’s watch this in action to better demonstrate why this works.

Scenario: you’re under to the wire, and also you’ve run out of minutes on the clock. You have actually 15 questions left and only a few seconds to bubble in her answers. Yes no time to even look in ~ the questions, so now you’ll need to make the best blind guesses you can and also figure out just how to acquire as many points as feasible before that pencils down.

You’re left with two options: make a random guess spread, or fill in every letter v the very same answer choice.

Let’s see exactly how each alternative does when contrasted to a actual SAT answer guide .

(Note: for our random spread, us tried come guess together randomly as we can without looking in ~ the answer key, and for our regular letter, we just went v C.)

“Random” SpreadConsistent guess: v (C)Correct Answers

By do the efforts our finest to assumption: v randomly, us earned 2 points, yet by difficult by a consistent an option of C, we earned 3 point out (and forgive ourselves the effort of trying to it is in "random").

Again, difficult to the same letter won"t work much better for every individual question, yet on average and also over a spread, the strategy will certainly let friend maximize your complete point-gain.


If friend gotta role the dice anyway, you may as well learnhow to do it in your favor

The Take-Aways

Is C the correct answer more often than any type of other? No. However is the the finest letter to select when you"re in a bind and don"t know what the right answer an option is? Well, yes and no.

When it involves making guesses, shot to get rid of answer options whenever possible. Yet if you can"t, and also you have to make a remote guess, then stick come one letter and run through it every solitary time. If you want this letter to be C, climate go best ahead! simply make sure you stick through it for each and also every guess.

C isn"t any better or worse than any kind of other letter, or any much more likely to be the exactly answer, however if you decide to stick with it for every blind guess friend make, you"ll have a better chance of success 보다 if you try your best to be "random."

What"s Next?

You"ve learned how to do the best possible guess ~ above the SAT when you"re in a bind, but remember the eliminating answer choices is always better! examine out our guideto eliminating price optionson the SAT.

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