There room at least two system of thermal conductivity - cost-free electrons and also thermal phonons. The first mechanism can be widespread in metals, the 2nd one is necessary in dielectrics. I did not look up heat conductivity of glass, yet such fantastic dielectric as diamond has higher thermal conductivity than any type of metal, as far as i know.

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Glass is a really poor warmth conductor. It has actually one of the lowest feasible heat conduction a heavy (without waiting trapped in it) have the right to possibly have, this is mostly due to its lack of ordered decision structure. Since it"s one insulator, the digital contribution to the heat conductivity is an extremely small. But phonons can still carry heat, yet unlike diamond which has a fine ordered crystal structure, glass lacks such a structure. This favors anharmonic processes, i.e. Phonon-phonon interaction such together umklapp processes which severely border the thermal conductivity. Check out this recommendation for instance.

One of the ultimate goals of finding good thermoelectric materials, is to accomplish a glass-like thermal conductivity. In that situation the heat conductivity requirements to be as tiny as possible. Here are part references.

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