DONALD Glover welcomed his third son into the human being during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Here's what we know about the Childish Gambino singer and also Grammy compensation winner.


Donald Glover, 37, is an American actor and also musician that has additionally been a effective director and also producer throughout his glittering job so far.

He was born in 1983 ~ above the Edwards Air force Base in California, and was increased in rock Mountain in Georgia.

The star gained his big break at the age of just 23 as soon as he ended up being a writer because that sitcom 30 Rock v the aid of Tina Fey, and also he go on to appear in a variety of TV and film roles.

Under the surname Childish Gambino, the is additionally a effective hip hop artist.

In may 2018 he exit the tune This Is America, and also within 24 hrs the music video clip for the track had currently amassed 10 million views.


The video for Childish Gambino's track This Is America walk viral

What has actually Donald action in?

He increased to call while starring on the sitcom Community wherein he played the lovable trojan Barnes.

However, his acting career really took off through his very own project, Atlanta.

As well together starring in the show, that is an executive producer and additionally occasionally directs.

The TV collection scored him numerous accolades consisting of Emmy Awards for superior Lead gibbs In A Comedy series and outstanding Director because that A Comedy collection as well as golden Globes for ideal Television collection and best Actor.

He has also starred in a variety of films, including Magic Mike XXL (2015), The Martian (2015) and Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017).

However, his two biggest movies to day are as Lando Calrissian in Solo: A Star battles Story and also the voice the Simba in the remake of the Disney movie The Lion King.

Childish Gambino is Donald Glover's musical alter-egoCredit: AP:Associated Press

Why go Donald Glover contact himself Childish Gambino?

Childish Gambino is Donald's stage name when performing as a musician and rapper.

He revealed throughout an interview through Jimmy Fallon in 2011 that he obtained the name from an digital name generator for the Wu flavor Clan while in ~ college.

Under this surname he has released 3 full-length studio albums, including 2016's Awaken, mine Love! and also the gold-certified due to the fact that the web in 2013.

Awaken, mine Love experienced Donald Glover nominated for five Grammy Awards including Album of The Year and Record that The Year.

At the January 2018 ceremony he won Best traditional R&B performance for Redbone.

He's additionally released plenty of E.P's and Mix Tapes between each album, and has appeared on tracks with fellow musicians opportunity the Rapper, Rudimental and Ariana Grande.

It was in the lyrics for his single Sunrise that confirmed the rumour he was Danny Glover's kid was false, rapping: "Donald Glover, no relation / always working, no vacation."


The gibbs starred in TV series AtlantaCredit: Alamy

What is This Is America about?

In might 2018, Donald exit the tune This Is America and also the music video for the monitor has currently gone viral.

There have actually been a variety of theories about the recommendations in both the lyrics and the video, which sees the artist dancing while a riot takes place approximately him.

Some fans think he is taking on the police and referring come Stephan Clark, that was shoot dead after police thought he was equipped – yet just had a phone call on him.

The lyrics review “this a celly / that’s a tool”, if in the video black men are filming the chaos on their mobile phones. A tool is another word because that a gun – or part think the is make the efforts to suggest out how necessary phones room at documenting points in this day and also age.

There are additionally references to Black lives Matter, the Charlottesville protests, terrorism and much more.

The track got to No6 in the UK charts.


SHE'S back

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Is Donald Glover married and does he have any children?

Donald is in a relationship with Michelle White, however it is not known if the pair are married.

In October 2020, Donald revealed Michelle had provided birth throughout the coronavirus pandemic while he was watching the video of George Floyd's death.

He has actually named his third son ~ his dad, who died in 2018.

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Michelle and Donald currently have two sons together - Legend and also Drake.

Official video clip for the track This Is America by Donald Glover"s transform ego Childish Gambino which recommendations Black lives Matter, the Charlottesville protests, police shootings and terrorism