digestion of food is endothermic reaction due to the fact that heat or energy is utilized to break down of food ..

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it is one exothermic reaction due to the fact that energy is created in this,,,,...

e.g........glucose +sugar .....gives....carbaon dioxide+water+energy



of ! cource digestion of food is endothermic due to the fact that digestion is taken location inside the body and the enrgy is save on computer insed the human body in the kind of A.T.P.



digestion is endothermic as power is required to breakdown complex food corpuscle into simpler ones......

respiration i.e

oxygen + glucose------> carbon dioxide + water + energy is exothermic as it publication energy

its exothemic

when cradle of food takes place, energy is released in the body in the form of heat. However in one endothermic reaction heat is soaked up and no released.

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its exothermic

since when us eat food the in turns right into glucose and the glucose combines v the oxygen in the cell of ours body

and administer energy. This reaction take place may be follows: C6H12O6 (aq) + 6O2(G) +6H2O(l) ---------------------- 6CO2 (aq) +12H2 O(l) +ENERGY

If you would think about the process of digestion together a system to break down complex substances right into smaller and simpler one then it would be a purely endothermic procedure as the breakdown of facility compounds prefer proteins, carbohydrates and also fats into peptides and amino-acids, mono-saccharides and also MAG and also fatty acids respectively calls for bond breaking v the aid of various enzymes and also to break bonds power is required. However if you would take into consideration digestion together a process to administer energy (a basic, entry level and also lower typical concept) it can be taken into consideration exothermic as energy would have actually been released, but for the truth the process of oxidation bring about release of power by electron transport device occurs in mitochondria and and that process is recognized as respiration, it would certainly be no so correct.
Endothermic reaction. Food is damaged into less complicated substances which is decomposition reaction. Decomposition reactions room endothermic