Season 15 that “The best Loser” gets underway Oct. 8 top top NBC. The design template on this season the the weight-loss reality display is “second chances.” America, satisfy your competitors and see if you have the right to predict that will it is in the winner: (NBC)

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Occupation: Voice-over artist Starting weight: 260 pounds Rachel to be a three-time state champion swimmer in high school, and also several colleges offered her complete scholarships. Instead, she followed her friend to Germany. The connection didn’t last. Filled with regret, Rachel gained an ext than 100 pounds while working as a pastry chef and also a gelato shop manager. Why she wants a second chance: “I’m prepared to come to be that strong and i was sure girl again, to free myself from the past, live in the present and also make the transforms I should be happy v myself and live the life I constantly imagined.” (NBC)

Occupation: Warehouse supervisor starting weight: 385 pounds Craig stated food was his lull after his father passed away of a heart attack when that was just 10 year old. In high school, once he to be an offensive lineman ~ above the football team, he was urged to placed on weight. But he continued to pile on the weight long after leave the playing field. Once he and also his mam struggled to have actually children, Craig¿s medical professional said the his excessive weight affects his testosterone and that the suffers indigenous hypertension. Why he desires a second chance: for this reason his 2-year-old daughter never ever remembers a hefty dad. ¿This time, I desire to attend to it for good. I want to handle it once and for all.¿ (NBC)

Occupation: Brand strategist Starting weight: 319 pounds Tumi feels trapped. She desperately wants to marry and have children, however she is additionally desperately fear of dice young and leaving her children alone. The a ache she competent as a young girl; she was just 14 as soon as her mother passed away of cancer. She qualities her weight get to inconsistent exercise, yoyo dieting and emotional eating. Why she desires a second chance: She wants to it is in a beautiful bride on her wedding day and look front to beginning a family. (NBC)

Occupation: job manager because that a construction company and social commerce leader for a call company beginning weight: 409 pounds David piled ~ above the weight during a collection of heartbreaking tragedies. Six months ~ David married in ~ 22, his wife was diagnosed with a mind tumor. When the cancer was in remission, she came to be pregnant but lost the infant in the 3rd trimester. The couple later had actually two daughters, however his wife¿s cancer returned and also ultimately claimed her life. During this ordeal, David obtained 200 pounds. Now remarried, he says it¿s time to get his health back on track. That suffers native sleep apnea, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and type 2 diabetes. Why he desires a second chance: ¿I¿ve gained a promise to keep,¿ one he made come his wife before she died. ¿I called her, i will always be right here for the girls.¿ (NBC)

Occupation: retail manager starting weight: 356 pounds Matt postponed his July wedding to it is in on this season the ¿The greatest Loser.¿ He states it is his gift to his future wife. Matt stated he put on his weight after college, blaming negative food choices and a demanding task for his absence of exercise. Now he desires to it is in the handsome groom in ~ the end of the aisle, prepared to leap into a new life with his beautiful bride. Why he wants a 2nd chance: He desires to sky-dive, and also ¿I want to be the ideal version that myself the I deserve to be.¿ (NBC)
Occupation: Restaurant chief operating officer beginning weight: 262 pounds Tanya fear her poor health habits are being passed under to she 2-year-old daughter, who was born weighing 11 pounds, 6 ounces. The solitary mom really hopes to it is in confident enough to date and also remarry at some point but, more important, go not desire her daughter to experience from childhood obesity. ¿I refuse to permit her to it is in a statistic and understand the it starts through me.¿ Why she desires a second chance: ¿The rest of my life will certainly be the ideal of mine life,¿ she says. (NBC)
Occupation: Marketing associate for a food company beginning weight: 297 pounds Jay struggled v his weight his entirety life, yet the problem has worsened in current years in component due to a job that keeps him on the road. He says he transforms to quick food because it¿s easy. But the weight is acquisition its toll. That suffers indigenous sleep apnea and hypertension. Jay provided to it is in a continual on the rodeo circuit, yet even talk a steed now is daunting because that his weight. Why he desires a 2nd chance: He desires to get involved in rodeo competitions and also be a more active function model because that his two young sons, ages 10 and 4, together they pat sports. ¿My enthusiasm is competition,¿ he said. (NBC)
Occupation: Accountant beginning weight: 249 pounds on the experienced front, Marie seemingly excels at every little thing she tackles. She has a graduate degree in audit and is a senior staff accountant. However that veneer hides a ache problem: She and also her husband have struggled for years to begin a family. Marie¿s medical professional blames she weight and also polycystic ovary syndrome. ¿I ultimately had come look in the mirror and also say, `You walk this,¿ ¿ she claimed of she excess weight. She claimed she considers it s her a ¿lazy eater¿ and also looks forward to learning how to make heathful meals for herself. Why she wants a second chance: She desires to be the woman, and also mother, she has always dreamed of becoming. (NBC)
Occupation: Sales consultant and also entrepreneur starting weight: 403 pounds Hap dreamed of a career through the significant leagues. However baseball took a earlier seat to his faith when the went on a mission after ~ high school instead of pursuing the large leagues. He¿s piled ~ above the pounds in the years since then and also now has three kids. He desires to get earlier to his fighting weight and also to play competitive baseball. Why he desires a second chance: He desires a long, healthy and balanced life because that his kids and to have the ability to some work walk his two girls under the aisle. (NBC)
Occupation: 3-D animation artist and cake sugar artist beginning weight: 250 pounds Fernanda play soccer and also field hockey while farming up and also did not put on overabundance weight till college. In ~ one point, she acquired 70 pounds in 6 months. She now has high cholesterol and worries around the future of her children should something occur to your mother. Why she desires a 2nd chance: She desires to live life ¿to the fullest¿ with her husband and two young children, ages 4 and also 6 (NBC)
Occupation: Attorney starting weight: 358 pounds Bobby to be preparing because that a crucial court illustration one day as soon as his trousers ripped open along the behind seam ¿ an embarrassing sign of simply how big he had actually become. Such incidents were not unusual in Bobby¿s life. In fact, he calls that ¿Hulking.¿ however now he desires to handle his load for great because the doesn¿t want to be well-known as ¿the fat attorney.¿ Why he desires a 2nd chance: Bobby claims he doesn¿t simply want to shed the weight, he likewise wants come delve right into the emotional issues that led him come overeat in the very first place. (NBC)
Occupation: Bookkeeper beginning weight: 266 pounds Jennifer states there¿s no large mystery come her weight gain. She has long play the duty of the stereotypical mom who put everyone¿s requirements first, including her 2 young daughters¿, 10 and 13. Jennifer was active during high school and also didn¿t start gaining most of she excess weight until the last 5 years. Why she desires a 2nd chance: She desires of becoming a multi-sport athlete: swimming, biking, hiking and running. ¿I desire to be the best mom I can be,¿ she said. (NBC)
Occupation: Clinical researcher, event planner starting weight: 241 pounds family trauma brought about by alcoholism and also divorce led Chelsea to look for solace in food as a teenager. She weighed 190 pounds by the moment she graduated from high school. She suffers indigenous high blood pressure and also joint pain. She knew the time to change had come once she might no much longer fit right into size 16 clothing and instead had to with for size 18. Why she desires a 2nd chance: To completely change she life, ending up being a fitness instructor and also motivating others v her personal victory. (NBC)
Occupation: Olympic weightlifter and also caterer beginning weight: 351 pounds as a 2012 U.S. Olympic weightlifter in the super heavyweight division, Holley competed in an arena where body load was often equated with strength and also power. She also played high institution football and was the an initial female attack lineman to play in one Ohio department III high school state championship game. Yet now she plan to take it a various training tack: to lose the excess weight while raising her strength, power and also fitness. Why she desires a 2nd chance: While her competitive background would certainly seemingly make her a front-runner to win this season of ¿The biggest Loser,¿ Holley claimed her purposes are bigger 보다 that. She desires to medal in the 2016 Rio Olympics. (NBC)
Occupation: Entertainer starting weight: 462 pounds Studdard¿s weight has not been lot of one obstacle. The man nicknamed ¿The Velvet Teddy Bear¿ was crowned the winner the Season 2 of ¿American Idol¿ and launched a effective music career, and also his girth was, for some, part of his appeal. But Ruben has been overweight since age 10, and it¿s time for a change. ¿I desire to live a long, lengthy time.¿ He stated he was referred to as out of the blue by ¿The greatest Loser,¿ and also jumped in ~ the possibility to change his life. Why he desires a second chance: in spite of all his experienced accomplishments, Ruben says his goal has actually nothing to carry out with the stage. He looks front to shopping because that clothes and going come an amusement park and easily slipping into the rides. ¿It¿s going to be freeing to shed all this weight,¿ the said. (NBC)

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“The best Loser” has actually seen trainers come and go and also come ago again, but everyone has returned for Season 15, consisting of Bob Harper, Jillian Michaels, Dolvett Quince and also host Alison Sweeney. (NBC / Paul Drinkwater/NBC)