My fourteen-month-old has had a skin reaction recently on her hands and wrists. Us think it's from the sun. The skin look at reddened and a little bit swollen, with a few little scratches—basically lock look exactly like mine hands execute in the center of the winter as soon as I've washed them a million times. So it occurred to me that if Bag Balm functions for me, would certainly it work-related for her? So far I haven't found any warnings against it, therefore I thought I'd asking here.

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I would certainly go v aquaphor first... Doesn't bag balm have some type of important oil in it? I'd be worried around her eating it.

I'm struggling to introduce new skin contact assets to my daughter bc she skin is an extremely much prefer mine and we react to everything. Aquaphor is my walk to bc I recognize she won't have a flare up or rash indigenous it.

I would shot pure lanolin first - great old nipple cream. The clinically proven to have a healing impact on chapped skin v tiny abrasions/cuts. That also really neutral emotion unlike some moisturizers. I use it on mine raw chapped nose as soon as I have actually a cold and it works better than Vaseline, i m sorry is the other significant ingredient in bag balm. Unlike Vaseline, lanolin is completely fine if ingested.

Out of curiosity have actually you looked up “eczema?” Especially since you’ve pointed out dry hands throughout the winter.

In that case I would try putting baby lotion on first and letting that sink in and then topping the off through aquaphor or also Vaseline to lock in the moisture.

I use bag balm on my 4 month old due to the fact that my pediatrician encourage it over target paste. She's never had actually an problem with it! Never all over she deserve to put in her mouth though, i wouldn't want her to ingest it. Maybe use nipple cream? i use earth mama, i m sorry is all organic ingredients and also safe for babies come ingest.

I don’t recognize what bag balm is, but every allergist I’ve ever seen recommends vanicream. I’ve offered it on mine eczema and also it is helpful.

You can additionally use plain ol’ Vaseline (bag enjoyment without the crucial oils? i love bag balm) mine gets this very same thing, as carry out I, and out ours skin just laughs at anything not Vaseline.

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