"Shipsat a distance have actually eexceptionally man"s wish on board. For some they come in through thetide. For others they sail forever on the horizon, never before out of sight, neverlanding until the watcher turns his eyes ameans in resignation, his dreams mockedto death by time" (1). This is anexample of one of the many literary elements from the novel, “Their Eyes WereWatching God” by Zora Hurston. In hernovel, she uses foreshadowing, metaphors, and irony to produce a wonderfullyimaginative novel.

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Throughoutthe entirety story, Hurston provides foreshadowing to display screen exactly how the story willunfold. The initially few sentences are anexample of how the totality story will unfold.The beginning of the novel speaks of ships at a distance and also theirunrecognized cargo and also the end of the novel talks about the complete fishing nets ofJanie’s spirit. When Janie gets marriedto Mr. Killicks, we review that “lengthy before the year was up, Janie noticed thather husband also had stopped talking in rhymes to her.” (27). We begin to suspectthat Janie’s marital relationship is unhappy at this suggest, however we shortly learn thisstatement carries more weight once she runs amethod via Joe Starks. The exceptionally following chapter starts, “On the trainthe following day, Joe didn’t make many kind of speeches through rhymes to her…” (34) Due to the fact that of the method Janie’s last marriagewent, the reader currently has a seed of doubt around this one also. There is also a much more noticeable create offoreshadowing that one cannot over look.When Janie sees the Indians and animals heading eastern to escapesomepoint, she asks one what they are running from. The Indian responds, “Going to high ground.Saw-grass bimpend. Hurricane coming.” (154)Sure enough, a substantial hurricane does come and outcomes in the fatality ofJanie’s true love Tea Cakes.Foreshadowing is a major element in the story. Metaphors, choose foreshadowing, aid make thisa creative and intelligent novel.
Hurston’singenious usage of metaphors in the end of the novel creates a much more vivid worldfor the reader to connect in. One exampleof a far-ranging metaphor is Death.Throughout the story, death is a character. When one reads fatality it has actually a capitol “D”Death. In chapter 8 one reads, “So Janiebegan to think of Death. Death, that stvariety being via expensive square toes wholived way in the West. The good one wholived in the directly house prefer a platdevelop without sides to it, and also without aroof.”(84) This summary of Deathforeshadows Joe Starks’ fatality. After thehurricane that is responsible for Tea Cakes death in chapter 19, we review, “Andthen again HIM-with-the-square-toes had gone earlier to his house. He stood as soon as more and also aobtain in his high flathome without sides to it and without a roof with his soulless sword standingupright in his hand also.”(168) This vivid character represents Death, and also simply likethrough Joe Starks, he comes before the fatality of the guy to whom Janie is married. Hurston was extremely imaginative in the way sheintegrated metaphors into her story.
The literarygadget provided throughout “Their Eyes Were Watching God” is irony. Irony is characterized as a truth different fromwhat appears to be true. All creativenovels have to usage irony in some develop.Hurston offers all tree creates of irony in her story. She uses Verbal Irony in the start whenthe old womales are gossiping around Janie.Dramatic Irony is presented in several places consisting of as soon as Janiespeaks through her friend Pheoby, about leaving tvery own with Tea Cake. Janie’s marital relationship to Joe Starks is an exampleof Situational Irony. They are expectedto live happily ever before after, however that is not exactly how their story ends. Irony is a key aspect for this gripping novel.

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Hurstonuses many kind of literary gadgets to communicate her readers and also to make them a component of hercreative novel. It is paramount forreaders of “Their Eyes Were Watching God” to understand also Hurston’s usage ofForeshadowing, Metaphors, and also Irony. Inorder to much better understand the definition of Zora Hurston’s ingenious novel, andall various other works of literary works, one need to analyze the literary devices and also thinkaround the meaning of the words.