I"ve had my fifth generation iPod for nearly 2 year now and also I"ve never had actually this happen. I went to plug in my ipod due to the fact that I haven"t provided it because that a while and it required to it is in charged prior to I headed residence from college on Thursday. I plugged that in to mine USB port and as it stated "Do not disconnect" ns noticed that the lock was on so ns went to move it to the other side. This is as soon as the ipod just totally locked up on me. I have no an answer from the ipod nor does my itunes or finder identify that the ipod is connected to mine macbook. Anyone know what will certainly help?

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Try Resetting her iPod. Toggle the organize switch off and on a few times then organize down the MENU and also SELECT (centre) buttons for five or ten seconds until you check out the bsci-ch.org logo appear then the menu switch to go to the normal display: iPod isn"t responding it shows up to it is in frozen you could likewise have a look at this troubleshooting page it might be of some help: iPod missing in iTunes and Mac desktop
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I"ve done that since that has always helped me in the past, but it doesn"t respond to anything right now. Ns went v the entire procedure on "Typical means to resolve ipod" ~ above the key support menu, which consisted of restarting, check if itunes was current version, etc. However I have had actually no response. The just thing i haven"t excellent is restore the ipod and also check the ipod because that updates, due to the fact that I can"t carry out that since it isn"t recognizing. blog post was edited by: jen8705
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Hot ****, Zevoneer!!!! that worked!!!! God bless you! my son offered me this 30 GB iPod last year and also I would hate come tell the I"d killed it deader 보다 the proverbial doornail. Now I"m going to check out that troubleshooting page you referenced. That is what brought about this problem in the first place. Thanks again. Chris
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I"m having a comparable problem yet it shows up I have actually iTunes 7.6 and also a fifth generation 80g iPod. Been syncing it to my new MacBook with OS 10.5.2. Originally iPod was configured for PC yet I had actually no troubles after the change to the Mac. Seems like the difficulty syncing has actually started after downloading and install the recent update software application for Leopard (to the 10.5.2) which had other points in the download (perhaps likewise Quicktime and also iTunes?) This trouble with not being recognized in iTunes occurred twice in one main - only method to get it going was to carry out a reset when it to be still plugged into the computer system (cause the said execute not disconnect) but the 2nd time the took countless tries and holding down the menu & pick for a really long time. It ultimately was recognized and also the sync started. This has me very worried and I don"t think the 5Rs and also other troubleshooting suggestions are the problem (it was fully charged & I"ve provided the USB ports for other devices with no problems, etc.) please advise. Can"t offer it up to organization for over a week "cause walking on a trip and also sure expect it will continue to work.