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Hi, I"m experiencing a terrible issue due to the fact that this morning. Mine iPod touch is disabled, it states “iPod is disabled, try again in 24 million minutes”, how have the right to I bypass this? What’s the difference between this issue and also “iPod touch disabled, attach to itunes”? please help, your suggestions are considerably appreciated. Thanks!

If your iPod touch is displaying a article on its screen saying the it is disabled, climate don’t worry. When the message may seem worse however fortunately there are means to solve this iPod touch disabled issue so that you have the right to use her iPod touch again without any type of problems.

iPod touch Disabled for 24 Million Minutes? Here room the Solutions!

There room all 4 reliable ways to fix iPod touch disabled for 24 million minutes. Part ways have actually the limits. Check out the explanation carefully below and find your best method to resolve your disabled iPod touch.

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1. Get You back Into Disabled iPod touch through LockWiper

bsci-ch.org LockWiper, a program that operation on Windows or Mac platforms, is a skilled iPhone password unlocker. LockWiper is specifically arisen to resolve all iPhone/iPad/iPod touch screen issues including iphone phone is disabled. Part Apple users complain the iPod touch will be locked or disabled after ~ updating to iOS 12 in ~ times, which is one of the usual issues that LockWiper handles.

You Can advantage a Lot native LockWiper:
Easily gain you earlier into iPod touch/iPhone/iPad when it"s disabled, locked or brokenFix monster iPhone display screen issues: grounding at black/white/Apple logo screen, recovery mode, keep waggling, etc.Remove iPhone display screen lock there is no password in a few minutesPromise high success rate also to unlock used iPhoneFully compatible v iOS 12 and also earlier versions and all models of iOS device

Now Download LockWiper below to settle Your 24 Million minute Disabled iPod touch

Step 1: Click the switch below and also install the program on your pc or Mac. Start it when it"s installed. Attach your iPod touch come computer and click "Start" top top LockWiper screen.



Step 2: monitor the LockWiper on-screen indict to placed your iPod touch into DFU mode. It"s straightforward to do it if you follow the steps. As soon as LockWiper jumps to the following page, you deserve to release the buttons due to the fact that your iPod touc is in DFU mode.


Step 3: Confirm the details the your an equipment and click "Download". It will certainly download the details firmware for her iPod touch. Once it"s done, click "Start to Verify".


Step 4: climate click "Start Unlock". You will be inquiry to confirm the operation. Just kind "000000" into the box and also click "Unlock" to get started.

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bsci-ch.org LockWiper has been assisted thousands of users to settle their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. If girlfriend have any screen issue, obtain LockWiper to start it: Downalod because that PC, Download for Mac. It will certainly take a few minutes. LockWiper likewise receives hopeful feedback native authoritative IT review sites.

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2. Solve a Disabled iPod touch via iCloud

This is the technique you should use as soon as you don’t have access to your iTunes. This method will reset her iPod touch if uncover My iPod was enabled in iCloud and your iPod to be registered with your apologize ID before it gained disabled. You will require a functioning wireless network for this come work.

Follow these instructions to settle your disabled iPod touch:

Step 1. Use any kind of other device (iDevice, Phone, Mac, windows PC, etc.) and also visit icloud.com/#find via a net browser. You can also use uncover My iPhone app on any kind of iDevice for this purpose.

Step 2. Log in v the exact same Apple ID the is associated with her disabled iPod touch.


Step 3. After properly logging in, navigate come All tools section and find and also select her iPod touch native the list.


Step 4. Currently click the Erase iPod and also then check your activity to proceed. The reset process will begin.


3. Reset a Disabled iPod touch with iTunes

If girlfriend have access to her computer, climate it is recommended that you usage this technique to reset a disabled iPod touch and fix the problem. Here is measures on “iPod touch Disabled” fix:

Step 1. Connect your disabled iPod touch to your computer. Climate launch iTunes and select her iPod touch.

Step 2. Now create a backup of her iPod via the ‘Back increase Now’ option. When developing a local backup, make sure that ‘This Computer’ is selected. This is crucial step if you desire to reclaim your data ~ resetting the iPod.


Step 3. Once the backup process is finished, click the ‘Restore iPod’ option to begin the reset process.


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4. IPod touch is Disabled? settle This in DFU Mode

If none of the over mentioned methods worked, climate you should provide this technique a try. DFU setting is similar to the Recovery setting of one iDevice. A most users declared to have succeeded with this an approach when other methods failed. Girlfriend will require to have iTunes set up on your computer for this method to work. However, your disabled iPod touch walk not must be synced v iTunes.

Follow this instructions to settle “iPod touch Disabled” issue:

Step 1. Rotate off her iPod touch by using the strength button and sliding the power slider when it is prompted.


Step 2. Attach the iPod touch to your computer system when the is fully off and also launch iTunes.

Step 3. Now press the power button and also Home button and also hold them because that a couple of seconds till iTunes reports that it has actually detected her iPod touch in restore mode.


Step 4. Now click the Restore choice to start the gain back process. The restore process may take some time come complete.


Step 5. When the procedure is completed, friend will require to collection up your iPod touch. When setting it up, you have the right to use the back-up (if the exists) to regain your data. If over there is no backup, then all her existing data will certainly be lost.