HistoryBaroque era was clinical discoveries.Faith in the strength of reason was for this reason great, it began to undermine the authority of the social and religious establishment.Called the “Age the Enlightenment”, they thought in progression not tradition or tradition.Middle class struggling for its rights.Time the violent political and social upheaval
RevolutionsAmerican and French revolutions happened during this time.Political and economic power shifted native the aristocracy and also the church come the center class/Social mobility boosted to a point where Napoleon could become emperor of France through his very own genius quite than birthright.New slogans choose “Liberty”, “Equality” and “Fraternity” were being used.​Visual ArtParalleled by move of style in visual arts.Heavy baroque layout made means for irradiate colours and also curvaceous lines.Later artists favoured for sure lines, clean structure and also moralistic subject matter.

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Music StylesMusicians were strongly affected by the societal changes.Composers concentrated on simplicity and clarity.Most renowned composers include Hayden, Mozart and BeethovenClassical period signaled the finish of the Basso Continuo.Composition the the orchestra adjusted – to be a fairly standard group of strings, wind, brass and percussion.Important ComposersHaydnSpent most of his life offer a well-off aristocratic family members – Esterhazys in Hungary.Taught self composition and composed in ~ the inquiry of his patron.Two concerts and two operas every week plus daily chamber musicMozartChild prodigy – international celebrity.Couldn’t be affected by each other to be treated together a servant, so checked out Vienna to work as a free-lance musician.Was successful for numerous years, yet his popularity declined and he passed away in debtBeethovenStudied through Haydn.Worked together an independent musician in Vienna.Success acquired through a broader middle-class market for music and also that musicians were equals not servants.Was deaf by 31 – continued to compose.Sold compositions come publishers.

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Composer, Patron & PublicAs the Eighteenth Century advanced, much more people made more money.Merchants, Doctors, and also Government officials might afford finer homes, clothing and much better food.They additionally sought aristocratic luxuries such as theatre, literature and also music.Townspeople stop their very own public concerts wherein the general public could hear the recent symphonies and concertos.Demand for printed music, instruments and also music lessons increased vastly.Pieces were straightforward for amateur musician to play and also understand.Turned from major to comic opera, indigenous heroic and mythological plots come middle-class subjects and folk-like tunes.Serious compositions were flavoured by folk and popular music, using familiar tunes as themes.Vienna was among the music centers of Europe in this time.Vienna was a bustling cultural and advertising center.Aristocrats spent their winters in Vienna.Most the the big composers spent lot of your time in Vienna and influenced every other.