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A brochure is a hierarchical structure that stores information around objects top top the network. A magazine service, together as energetic Directory Domain services (AD DS), provides the techniques for storing directory data and making this data available to network users and administrators. For example, ad DS shop information around user accounts, such together names, passwords, phone numbers, and so on, and enables other authorized users on the exact same network to accessibility this information.

Active magazine stores information about objects ~ above the network and makes this information easy for administrators and users come find and use. Active Directory offers a structured data save as the basis for a logical, ordered organization of brochure information.

This data store, also known together the directory, consists of information about Active brochure objects. This objects generally include common resources such together servers, volumes, printers, and the network user and also computer accounts. For more information around the energetic Directory data store, see catalog data store.

Security is integrated with energetic Directory with logon authentication and access control come objects in the directory. V a single network logon, administrators have the right to manage magazine data and also organization throughout their network, and also authorized network individuals can access resources all over on the network. Policy-based administration eases the administration of also the most complicated network. For much more information around Active directory security, see defense overview.

Active Directory additionally includes:

A collection of rules, the schema, that defines the great of objects and attributes included in the directory, the constraints and also limits ~ above instances of this objects, and also the format of your names. For much more information about the schema, check out Schema.

A global catalog that has information about every thing in the directory. This allows users and also administrators come find catalog information regardless of i m sorry domain in the catalog actually includes the data. For an ext information about the global catalog, check out The role of the global catalog.

A query and index mechanism, so that objects and their properties deserve to be published and also found through network users or applications. For much more information around querying the directory, see Finding brochure information.

A replication service the distributes directory data throughout a network. All domain controllers in a domain get involved in replication and contain a complete copy that all directory information for their domain. Any readjust to magazine data is replicated to all domain controllers in the domain. For much more information around Active brochure replication, check out Replication overview.

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Understanding energetic Directory

This section offers links to core energetic Directory concepts:

For a in-depth list of energetic Directory concepts, check out Understanding energetic Directory.