In A prominent Bar in Secaucus One Day

Sometimes story make the point more effectively

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“Many civilization die with their music tho in them.”– Oliver Wendell Homes, Sr.

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There has actually been a many of heavy stuff keep going of late. Let’s lighten up — just a little bit — with another visit to the poetry corner. Right here is a 2007 poem by X. J. Kennedy:


Time is inevitable; personality is possible. Rust is optional. (photo credit: Russ McCabe)

In a influential bar in Secaucus one dayRose a lady in skunk v a topheavy sway,Raised a knobby red finger–all turned from your beer–While through eyes bright as snowcrust she sang high and clear:

‘Now who of you’d think native an eyeload of meThat I once was a lady together proud as might be?Oh I’d never ever sit under by a tumbledown drunkIf the wasn’t, my dears, because that the high price of junk.

‘All the gents provided to swear that the white of mine calfBeat the down of the swan by a length and a half.In the kerchief the linen I captured to my noseAh, over there never fell snot, but a tiny gold rose.

‘I had seven gold teeth and a toothpick of gold,My Virginia cheroot was a sheet of that rolledAnd I’d irradiate it each time with a thousand in cash–Why the bums provided to hit if i flicked lock an ash.

‘Once the toast of the Biltmore, the belle the the Taft,I would drink party beer at the Drake, never draught,And dine in ~ the Astor on Salisbury steakWith a clean tablecloth because that each bite ns did take.

‘In a automobile like the Roxy I’d role to the track,A steel-guitar trio, a bar in the back,And the wheel made no noise, lock turned ever before so fast,Still it took you ten minute to see me walk past.

‘When the steeds bowed down to me the I could choose,I bet on lock all, for i hated come lose.Now I’m saddled every night for my butter and also eggsAnd the damaged threads race under the backs of my legs.

‘Let you organize in mind, girls, that your beauty must passLike a lover white clover that rusts through its grass.Keep her bottoms off barstools and also marry girlfriend youngOr be left–an old barrel with numerous a bung.

‘For when time takes you out for a rotate in his carYou’ll it is in hard-pressed to stop him from going too farAnd it is in left by the roadside, for all your great deeds,Two toadstools because that tits and also a face full that weeds.

‘All the residence raised a cheer, yet the guy at the barMade a phone call call and up traction a red patrol carAnd she blew united state a kiss together they copped she awayFrom that influential bar in Secaucus, N.J.”

Designer coco Chanel said, “Nature gives you the challenge you have actually at twenty. Life forms the face you have at thirty. But at fifty you gain the confront you deserve.” I’ve live long enough to view the fact of it. Men and women fan it to us — and each other — to cultivate character and also be good stewards of their one-and-only lives. It doesn’t just display in her face, though.The faded lady in the poem uses herself as an example to those who would pursue pleasure fairly than virtue. She points out that beauty, beauty — like whatever else in this fallen human being — is topic to entropy. Age eventually records each the us. What carry out you desire to have the ability to show for her years? I have actually my answer.

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So how about you? What’s your setup for prospering at every stage of life? add your comment below.