Native AmericansThe land that is today the state of brand-new Hampshire was resolved for thousands of years by various native peoples. Once the Europeans arrived in the 1600s, the Algonquian peoples resided in the region including the Abenaki and Pennacook tribes. These aboriginal Americans hunted, fished, farmed corn and beans, and lived in domed houses referred to as wigwams.

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Newport, new Hampshire by Daderot
Europeans ArriveOne the the very first Europeans to visit the region was English explorer Martin Pring in 1603. Other explorers complied with including Captain man Smith and French traveler Samuel de Champlain. England claimed the floor after man Smith"s visit and soon began to colonize the area.ColonizationThe an initial English negotiation was a little fishing station near current day Rye in 1623. That very same year, another settlement was created called Hilton"s Point. It would certainly later end up being the city the Dover.Over the next several years, much more colonists came. The living was tough, yet with aid from the local natives lock learned come survive. The colony came to be known for its lumber and tall trees that were great for shipbuilding. Portsmouth came to be a well-off port and shipbuilding location.
In 1679, brand-new Hampshire was officially named a district of England. That would remain under the government of Massachusetts until 1741, as soon as it came to be a different colony. In 1764, the border between brand-new Hampshire and also Vermont (which was part of new York in ~ the time) was created as the Connecticut River.
Seal of brand-new Hampshire through Unknown
American RevolutionAfter the French and also Indian War, the British started to tax the American colonies. The colonists did not choose this and also began come protest. In December that 1874, among the an initial engagements the the Revolutionary War occurred when colonists from brand-new Hampshire caught Fort William and also Mary. They took the fort without shoot a shot and captured much needed guns, cannon, and also ammunition for the upcoming war.Becoming a StateAfter the Revolutionary War, new Hampshire join the newly developed United States. On June 21, 1788 it became the 9th state to ratify the Constitution.

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Old male of the hill by plunder Gallagher (before and also after it collapsed)
Timeline1603 - Englishman boy name Pring explores new Hampshire.1623 - The very first settlements are created at Rye and also Dover.1679 - new Hampshire is made a province of England.1741 - brand-new Hampshire splits from Massachusetts and also becomes one English colony.1764 - The Connecticut flow is created as the border between brand-new Hampshire and also Massachusetts.1769 - Dartmouth university is established in the city the Hanover.1774 - The colonists catch guns and also ammo indigenous the British ft William and Mary.1788 - new Hampshire i do not care the nine state.1808 - Concord is do the irreversible capital.1918 - White mountain National woodland is established.1945 - The Old guy of the hill is do the official state emblem.1961 - Alan Shepard i do not care the very first American and 2nd person to take trip to space.2003 - The Old guy of the hill collapses.More united state State History:
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