there is this girl ns kinda like, we space pretty an excellent friends, and also lately she has started to punch me in the arm/shoulder, but sometimes its quite hard. Do you think that"s flirting or simply being friendly?

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I mean you might say it's a kind of flirting ... But Usually, it way confidence. And doesn't necessarily typical she desires 'something more' with you, various other than simply flirting. Yet who knows! We are all different. However definitely: She feel comfort around you and you make her feel confident enough to hit you and you not take that in the wrong way.
If she doesn't execute it to a the majority of people, it may not be full on flirting, but it is a authorize that she's getting much more comfortable. If she stand close to you, speak a lot and also smiles/laughes a lot of those are great signs. Girls like to to win up males they like, ha ha I understand that sound strange, however it's true. (Not complete on violence, simply play shoving, etc.)
It's definitely flirting because that me! other than I purposely try to be ns think it's crappy that she's doing it tough :/
Fliiiirting :) Violence is a method of flirting. If i am close enough to a guy, that I can beat top top him, that is most most likely flirting.
ns really never ever do this.But that a authorize that she feels really comfortable about you.I can't say if us likes friend or no just based on that action,but it shows that she feels she can be her playful self about you.
if its tough then it can be friendly, if it's soft she can like you. Punch her in the face to present her u prefer her too.
Yeah, she likes you. It’s yes, really unlikely she’d bother if she wasn’t attracted to you in some way because she’d it is in cautious around giving friend the wrong impression. She’s definitely attravted, even if it is she desires to admit it, that’s an additional question.
My friend does that for fun because she likes stroked nerves her male friends, it could mean either thing though
It can be, she's initiating physical contact! counts on the watch she's providing you afterwards! Is over there eye contact, is she smiling ?
Flirting most likely. If you an alert her a small shy or blushing around you more then the most absolutely is flirting! carry out her friends push you two together or try to get you to speak to her or around her more? its flirting.
the is true! there is this man I favor in mine math class this year and also we to be in the same course in sixth grade. We joke approximately a lot and also we will certainly punch eachother in the arm as a way of speak "Hey!🙂" but she is kinda flurting with you!
the harder she's hitting you, the less flirty she's beinggirls, if you want to struggle him, just lightly madness him. Thats all.
i punched a Welsh lady in the arm once. She proceeded come spray me in the face with Pepper Spray and also tackle me right into a convenient electric fence D:
That's type of vague yet I think its flirting. I've don't the a couple of times and also most of the time it's flirtatious
It can be one of two people or. The girl could have a crush on you and feel awkward around it and punching girlfriend if her way of make the efforts to acquire you away.

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When taken and someone start flirting with you, do you tell castle you’re taken or just if asked?