Rear-End Collision: that is always Liable?

Dealing through the aftermath of a vehicle accident is never fun, particularly when you rear-end someone. Your very first thoughts will most likely revolve approximately how much this is walking to expense you – even if you don’t think that you’re the one at fault. After ~ all, the driver in the back is always blamed for a rear-end collision, right?

While that true that the rear driver is regularly held liable in a rear-end accident, that doesn’t typical that you should automatically claim obligation if friend rear-end someone. If you believe that the driver in front of girlfriend was actually the one at fault, the is possible to prove this if you can display that the other driver was the one who was negligent or reckless. Right here are 8 cases in which the prior driver may be at fault in a rear-end collision:

1. The other Driver cut You Off

This is the many common reason of rear-end collisions wherein the former driver is usually found at fault. If a auto suddenly move in prior of you that is moving substantially slower than you are, the brakes suddenly, or that cuts too closely in prior of her car, that car’s driver is the cause of the accident. This kind of activity on the other driver’s component is particularly dangerous once they failure to usage their revolve signal. While you’re responsible for maintaining a safe complying with distance, a merger or lane-changing driver is responsible for relocating a reasonable street ahead of you and for utilizing the appropriate signaling.

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2. Your Brake Lights room Out

In bespeak to prevent within a reasonable quantity of time so the you deserve to avoid colliding v the vehicle in front of you, you require to have the ability to see that the other vehicle has stopped. When it’s dark out, it’s not always easy come tell the a auto ahead of you has actually stopped without seeing those brake lamp come on; ~ all, if brake lights weren’t necessary, we wouldn’t have them.

3. They’re quit on the Roadway

If a auto is quit in a roadway of traffic due to a vehicle malfunction, it’s reasonable to take into consideration that running into them is possible. Also if they have actually their danger lights on, it’s basic to hit a car that’s in ~ a standstill on a liven highway. You could be coming approximately a bend and not see them till it’s also late, or probably the driver front of friend – who have the right to see the car’s dangers while you can not – unexpectedly swerves roughly a stopped car, leaving you without sufficient time to brake or move.

Even if the vehicle has pulled end onto the shoulder, you might not be at fault. A the majority of highway shoulders are too tiny for a car, leave the stalled vehicle sticking out right into traffic. And if the stalled automobile does not have actually their hazard lights on, this is a great defense ~ above your component – especially if the collision taken place at night.

4. They’re Driving Recklessly

Texting if driving, talk on the phone when driving, and also drunk control have become widespread epidemics. These and other causes of distracted driving do it tough for people to drive properly, which often leads come erratic movements and also lane-drifting. If a car drifts right into the roadway ahead of you and also you rear-end it, the various other driver is at fault.

5. The Driver Behind girlfriend doesn’t protect against in Time

When top top the road, anyone is responsible for driving responsibly. If the driver ahead of girlfriend brakes suddenly and also you were preserving a safe following distance, you won’t hit them; however, if the driver behind girlfriend was not maintaining a safe adhering to distance behind you, they might crash right into your car and also push you right into the car ahead the you. In that case, the driver behind girlfriend will likely be found at fault because that both collisions.

6. Castle Turn once You have actually the ideal of Way

If a driver to your right turns best at a red light while you have actually a eco-friendly light and you rear-end them, you do not do it be held at fault. The their duty to make sure that the roadway is clear before they execute a turn since you have actually the right-of-way.

If a driver the contrary you transforms left or u-turns when you have a eco-friendly light, they’re most likely at fault for any kind of collisions. A driver there is no a left-turn arrowhead is responsible for making sure that over there is no traffic coming indigenous the the opposite direction before executing a turn.

7. They unexpectedly Reverse your Car

If you’re stopped at a left rotate light there is no an arrow, and also the driver ahead of friend pulls into the intersection however then decides the it’s no safe come turn, they’ll likely back up in stimulate to go back to the safety and security of the lane. If castle pull earlier too far and run into you, the accident is their fault.

If you’re driving in a parking lot and also a driver ahead of you pulls out of a parking spot without enough an are between the two of you, you’re more than likely not in ~ fault because that a rear-end collision.

8. Lock Suddenly protect against to Execute a Turn, then Don’t

This is more than likely one that the trickiest situations. If a person ahead the you all of sudden stops in bespeak to make a turn, starts to make the turn, however then doesn’t end up it, you may finish up hitting them. Due to the fact that you intended them to make the turn, friend may have actually slowed come a speed that would certainly have enabled you to pass them, were they to have actually completed the turn. Since you had actually no reasonable expectation the they would certainly not complete the turn, it’s feasible that you will not be organized at fault for the auto accident.

Even if you’re discovered to it is in at partially at fault for the accident, you may not have to pay for all of the damages. Under the ascendancy of modified comparative negligence in Texas and specific other states, if you’re the plaintiff and also you’re uncovered to be much less than 50% at fault because that the accident, the price of the damages can be split between the 2 parties. Because that example, if you’re discovered to it is in 30% responsible because that the accident, you’ll only have to pay for 30% of the damages, and also the various other driver will need to pay because that the continuing to be 70%.

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If girlfriend are connected in a rear-end collision, contact The Dashner law Firm. Lock can help you prove error so the you don’t end up liable because that a collision the someone else caused.