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Ain't nobody jealousy (No jealousy)Everybody has they ownNobody locked upEverybodyEverybody is cost-free to roamLook at the scrubby (just chillin)Wit a hottie top top his sideLook in ~ them wealthy kids, negative kidsEverybodyTogether on the exact same sideAnd they under to rideLets go all the way(LETS go ALL THE WAY)Lets go all the wayLets go high high highLets walk all the wayAin't no one left outEverybody gets to go (EVERYBODY allows GO)It could never be too crowdedCome onWe tho pickin up some mo'Dont nobody dislike you, playa hate youThere ain't no hate at allGotta a million hands to catch youThey'll record youAnd they never will let girlfriend fallYou ain't gotta issue all a y'all
Lets go all the way(LETS walk ALL THE WAY)Lets walk all the wayLets go high high highLets go all the wayNever no sicknessNo sicknessNobody needs to dieNobody needs to dieEverythings answeredOne point ain't thereNever have to wonder why(you never have to wonder why O-oh)Won't nobody sirloin youNo HurryBe what girlfriend wanna beCan you guess what this ar is?Your futureMake it a realityAll you have to do is follow meLets go all the way(LET'S go ALL THE WAY)Lets go all the wayLets go hiiighLets go all the wayLets go all the way(LETS go ALL THE WAY)Lets go all the wayLets go hiiighLets go all the way
In a 2011 interview through A.V. Club, Violent J said:

I went and saw this girl who resided in Cleveland, and also I had a cassette player in mine car. I had just obtained the car, and I didn’t have actually a chance to convert it yet to a CD player, therefore I protect against at the gas station, and they obtained one the those $1 cassette encounters a bunch that cassettes in a turn rack. ’80s Hits was among them, so i was like, “Yes!” therefore I got that, to be listening to that on my means back to Detroit, and also “Let’s walk All The Way” came on, and I was like, “This is fucking awesome!” I began picturing it, and the rest is history.


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