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2013 ICD-9-CM Diagnosis password 995.3
Short description: Allergy, unspecified.ICD-9-CM 995.3 is a billable clinical code that can be provided to suggest a diagnosis on a reimbursement claim, however, 995.3 need to only be offered for cases with a day of service on or prior to September 30, 2015. For insurance claims with a date of company on or after ~ October 1, 2015, usage an tantamount ICD-10-CM password (or codes).You room viewing the 2013 version of ICD-9-CM 995.3.

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3-Hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl-coenzyme A reductase inhibitor allergyAcetic mountain allergyAcute allergy reactionAdverse cutaneous reaction come diagnostic procedureAdverse reaction to substanceAlcohol products allergyAlcoholic disinfectant allergyAldehyde disinfectant allergyAllergic disorderAllergic disorder - symptom changeAllergic disorder by allergen typeAllergic disorder by body site affectedAllergic dispositionAllergic headacheAllergic neuropathyAllergic reactionAllergic reaction to adhesiveAllergic reaction come animalAllergic reaction come bite and/or stingAllergic reaction to chemicalAllergic reaction to cosmeticsAllergic reaction come detergentAllergic reaction to dyeAllergic reaction to flea biteAllergic reaction come flour dustAllergic reaction to foodAllergic reaction to grass pollenAllergic reaction come nickelAllergic reaction come oilAllergic reaction to plant, except foodAllergic reaction to platinumAllergic reaction come pollenAllergic reaction to substanceAllergic reaction come tattoo inkAllergic reaction come tree pollenAllergic reaction to weed pollenAllergic sensitization by patch testAllergic stateAllergyAllergy to adhesiveAllergy come adhesive bandageAllergy to almond oilAllergy to aluminumAllergy to angiotensin II receptor antagonistAllergy come apple juiceAllergy to aspartameAllergy to punishment venomAllergy come biocideAllergy come biocide in cosmeticAllergy come carrotAllergy to cherryAllergy come cinnamonAllergy to citrus fruitAllergy to coconut oilAllergy to cornAllergy come cosmeticAllergy come dairy productAllergy to dog danderAllergy come dyeAllergy to ethyl alcoholAllergy come fishAllergy come flavorAllergy come fruitAllergy come gauzeAllergy to grass pollenAllergy to horse danderAllergy to lichenAllergy to lobsterAllergy come moldAllergy to Myroxylon pereiraeAllergy come nickelAllergy to nutsAllergy come oatsAllergy to oysterAllergy to peanutsAllergy to plantAllergy come porkAllergy to potatoAllergy to ragweed pollenAllergy to red meatAllergy come rubberAllergy to ryeAllergy come scorpion venomAllergy to seedAllergy come shrimpAllergy to spider venomAllergy come strawberriesAllergy come substanceAllergy come sulfite based food preservativeAllergy come tomatoAllergy come tree pollenAllergy to tree resinAllergy to honest suit venomAllergy come watermelonAllergy to weed pollenAllergy come wheatAllergy come woodAllergy come woolAntibody-mediated activation and inactivationAntibody-mediated cytolysisArthropathy linked with a hypersensitivity reactionAtenolol sensitivityAtopic constitution together co-factorAtopic reactionAtopyBase allergyBelladonna alkaloids allergyBorate allergyCarbamate pesticide allergyCarbaryl allergyCarbomer-940 allergyCarmellose allergyCell-mediated cytotoxic disorderCell-mediated cytotoxic reactionCellulose-derived viscosity full allergyChlorinated pesticide adverse reactionChlorinated pesticide allergyChlorinated phenol disinfectant allergyCitrate allergyCloxacillin allergyCombined oral contraceptive allergyContact hypersensitivityContact hypersensitivity reactionCross sensitivity reactionCutaneous hypersensitivityCutis laxa complying with hypersensitivity reactionDelayed hypersensitivity disorderDicobalt edetate allergyDigitoxin allergyDimethicone allergyDisinfectants and also cleansers allergyDithranol paste allergyEnteral and supplement feeds allergyEnvironmental allergyFish oils allergyFludrocortisone allergyFluoride allergyFood allergyFormaldehyde allergyGastrointestinal food allergyGlutaraldehyde allergyGluten sensitivityHydroxyethylcellulose allergyHypersensitivity disorderHypersensitivity disorder mediated through immune complexHypersensitivity reactionHypersensitivity reaction mediated by antibodyHypersensitivity reaction mediated by immune complexHypersensitivity reaction with blocking antibodyHypersensitivity reaction without blocking antibodyHypersensitivity to endogenous antigenHypersensitivity to international antigenHypromellose allergyHypromellose eye drops allergyIdiosyncrasyIgE-mediated allergy disorderImmune hypersensitivity disorderImmune hypersensitivity disorder by mechanismImmune hypersensitivity reactionInjection site hypersensitivityIntravenous nutrition allergyJarisch Herxheimer reactionJones-Mote type hypersensitivityLatex allergyLichenoid allergic call reactionLichenoid allergic call reaction affecting oral mucosaLichenoid reaction to color developerLichenoid reaction come tattooLindane allergyLiquid paraffin allergyMalathion allergyMetal allergyMultiple electrolyte infusion allergyMultiple ecological allergiesNonatopic IgE-mediated allergy disorderNon-celiac gluten sensitivityNon-IgE-mediated allergic disorderNonimmune hypersensitivity disorderNonimmune hypersensitivity reactionNon-ionic surfactant allergyNonoxinol allergyOctoxinol allergyOlive oil allergyOmega 3-marine triglycerides allergyOral allergy syndromeOral rehydration salts allergyOrganophosphate pesticide allergyParaffin allergyParaffin-white soft allergyParaffin-yellow soft allergyPerfume allergyPermethrin allergyPesticide allergyPhenol allergyPhenothrin allergyPollen-food allergyPolyvinyl alcohol allergyPostimmunization arthropathy of together anklePostimmunization arthropathy of together elbowPostimmunization arthropathy of l handPostimmunization arthropathy of l hipPostimmunization arthropathy of together kneePostimmunization arthropathy of together shoulderPostimmunization arthropathy of together wristPostimmunization arthropathy of left anklePost-immunization arthropathy of left ankle and/or footPostimmunization arthropathy of left elbowPost-immunization arthropathy the left elbowPostimmunization arthropathy the left handPost-immunization arthropathy that left handPostimmunization arthropathy that left hipPost-immunization arthropathy that left hipPostimmunization arthropathy of left kneePost-immunization arthropathy that left kneePostimmunization arthropathy that left shoulderPost-immunization arthropathy the left shoulderPostimmunization arthropathy the left wristPost-immunization arthropathy that left wristPostimmunization arthropathy of many sitesPost-immunization arthropathy of lot of sitesPostimmunization arthropathy that R anklePostimmunization arthropathy the R elbowPostimmunization arthropathy that R handPostimmunization arthropathy of R hipPostimmunization arthropathy the R kneePostimmunization arthropathy of R shoulderPostimmunization arthropathy of appropriate anklePost-immunization arthropathy of right ankle and/or footPostimmunization arthropathy of right elbowPost-immunization arthropathy of ideal elbowPostimmunization arthropathy of ideal handPost-immunization arthropathy of best handPostimmunization arthropathy of ideal hipPost-immunization arthropathy of right hipPostimmunization arthropathy of appropriate kneePost-immunization arthropathy of ideal kneePostimmunization arthropathy of best shoulderPost-immunization arthropathy of right shoulderPostimmunization arthropathy that vertebraPost-immunization arthropathy that vertebraePotassium clorazepate allergyPropensity to disadvantage reactions come foodPyrethroid pesticides allergyReaction to mandrel and/or spine in skinSeasonal allergiesSeasonal allergySilicone allergySkin reaction come noxious and/or venomous marine invertebrateSkin reaction to vesicant poisonSkin authorize from acute arsenic toxicitySodium fluoride allergySulfur allergyTape allergyTerpenes allergyTetanus immunoglobulin allergyTetracyclines team allergyThymol allergyTissue sensitivityType 1 hypersensitivity responseType 1 skin hypersensitivity reactionType 4 hypersensitivity responseViscosity modifier allergyWool alcohol allergyZinc allergy